Is espinas in this?

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User Info: Sonsaru

9 years ago#11
Yeah, so, I looked around a bit more and seems, in December, someone related to MH made the comment that "There are no plans to move Nalugakuluga into MHF or Espinas into MHP2G." Looks like they think one distinct new monster is enough to make people play both games.

However, with MHF to be continually updated down the line, I can seriously see them adding Naluga later, whatever they say now. As for Espinas being a download quest, it's possible, but bear in mind that download quests are nothing more than unlocking the keys for data already on the disc, meaning that making him one doesn't give Capcom any longer to make the decision or the chance of changing their minds later.

Anyway, the game was delayed by two weeks, and I continue to keep my fingers optimistically crossed! I'm sure many P players would happily give F Naluga is it means Espinas, and a lot of F would hand over Espinas if it meant getting Naluga.

I guess it also depends on what they decide to do with MH on the PSP next. I doubt they will boost P again, more like get MH3 out on Wii next year and then do a P3 based on that? If the PSP can support it by then. Depending on how much MH3 is going to change stuff (and probably not enough for my taste, it being not such a massive leap to the Wii) this could be the last chance to put Espinas in. So why not, Capcom! Come on!
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User Info: MySNsucks923

9 years ago#12
I think that with the sales I'm hoping they get from MH3 theyt should make MH3 for the PS3 also.
(If you get what I'm saying)
Basically if they have incredable sales for the MH3 on the wii they should take some of it to the most popular consle in America. (Not the PS3 but still)
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