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User Info: Justice_Gear_01

9 years ago#1
Because this game looks like it will will be awesome, it's safe to assume that we'll all want to play it in English as well.

So here's the deal, just vote "yes" on the thread in the link below to try to convince Capcom to release and English version of MHP2G! All you have to do is register and vote.

Link to the "Official MHF2G request" thread:

I voted : )

User Info: DarkLink346

9 years ago#2
I voted. I know at least six people personally who would buy this game. And I figure if they don't bring it over, there's always that whole custom firmware thing...
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User Info: stuart12321

9 years ago#3
i would per-order any monster hunter game as-long as its being released in the UK before the release date has been confirmed that's how much i love this game

User Info: maya26

9 years ago#4
I know am going to be hated here but I don’t think capcom should waste its time to translated it. I’m saying this in and only in a business senses the way I think they see it. If it comes out here it wouldn’t sell more then 25,000 am guessing. Plus Americans like to get things for free and like 25% of you guys that would get it would just download it. So if you look at it that way capcom will just be losing time and money. They could put the effort in MH3 or a brand new MH game. Besides if it dose come out here you know it will be like 80% of the Japanese’s game just look at the differences between MHF2 and MHP2. MHP2 has more armor, weapons, and quests. Do you really want to get 80% of the game that came out sooner? Then the nexted game will have everything that the Japanese mhp2G has but it will lose the other new thing about the new Japanese game lets call it MH4. That was a little confusing but I hope you guys get that. I’m going to stop myself there am not even going to go on about the people say they will buy a PSP for the game when they can just buy a Japanese PSP.
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User Info: Xythri

9 years ago#5
Other than the fact that PSP games are region free.
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  3. Link to the "Official MHF2G request" board at Capcom

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