Will you buy it?

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User Info: David Cheng

David Cheng
9 years ago#1
The Monster Hunter PSP holder. Is it for sale separately or part of a game set?
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User Info: satan_lolz666

9 years ago#2
i'd rather not, and i think its sold separately
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User Info: Sonsaru

9 years ago#3
It's separate. Holding the PSP does annoy me a bit but early adopter that I am I only have an old style PSP and only the Slim can use the holder. I guess I'd like to hold and try it out first, too. So anyway... no.
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User Info: Lionfire

9 years ago#4
if its not sold out when i buy the game then yes.

User Info: Lionfire

9 years ago#5
just looked and it was sold out, but i preordered my copy of the game.

User Info: foxhoundnomah

9 years ago#6

hi.could someone give me a good site where i can preorder this game,im in europe btw.tx in advance.

User Info: zog79

9 years ago#7
I'm in UK too, pre-ordered mine on games-asia.com
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