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User Info: akurixs

9 years ago#21
Is that why they make AO and M games? I'm pretty sure you won't see a 7 year old playing Manhunt 2.
"And what is Cloud doing while the fashionable yet feminie Sephiroth is destroying the world? Decorating weapons with jewelry, talking to a stuffed animal, and making birds do it."

User Info: ponosmcgee

9 years ago#22
They make M-rated games because those little stickers work better than any advertisement when some dumb 12 year old walks into a store.

They get rated "M for Mature" for things like blood, drugs, alcohol and tobacco use, not for complexity, literary references, depth, or anything that might actually make the game more intended for a mature audience.

User Info: Emerald_Chocobo

9 years ago#23
Monster Hunter G was not released in America because the original Monster Hunter's Japanese and American versions were far different. MH JP was a rather broken game, even excluding things such as headlocking and the like, while MH US was a bit closer to a balanced game. In addition, an entirely new weapon class, the Dual Swords, was included, forcing me to import a game =/. As a sort of apology to their cult/fanbase, Monster Hunter G was released, including all of the US additions and one or two more.

Although I might not be one to talk, given that living in such close proximity to Japan gives me access to all of these games, I have had to learn three languages- Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English- as well as a functional knowledge of katakana; perhaps I get to be first to complain about having to learn a new language. =3
I believe that one should feel grateful that any are being translated and shipped overseas. With the fall of Clover Studios, Capcom needed to cut back on losses and risky business transactions, and with their loyal following in Japan, it seems like every port has at least some risk behind it. On that note, I wouldn't be surprised if Monster Hunter 3 were ported many years after, and only if it were extremely popular...

If anything, I believe the focus of the MHF2G debate lies in this statement:
The amount of people willing to pay for the expansion of a translated version of Monster Hunter 2nd Portable is simply too low.

Since piracy is quite rampant and uncontrolled-- there are even sites called iso Hunt and PSP iso, though the government has done nothing against them-- those who would pirate the game could steal the Japanese version, and Capcom would still earn the same net income of $0.

Sorry for my lack of structure, it's too early... >.<

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