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User Info: zwordsman

9 years ago#1
Hey,can MHP2G able to play with mhp2? you think? Or, mhf2 over kai? I kinda doubt it. but it'd be awesome since i'll probably get a copy of G since i read japanese, but my 3 friends might not.

So in sum.
Mhp2g plays with only other mhp2G games? Or able to play with None G games (with or without kai)

Oh might as well throw this in here.
Can mhp2 play with mhf2 over kai (I know they can't normally connect)

User Info: hot_rod_30

9 years ago#2
in kai, mhp2 and mhf2 are compatible and you can play together.
but i doubt G will be compatible with mhp2 because the new content is not present in the old version and it will probably make the psp crash.

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