guard+2 !!! NOOOO

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User Info: Guan_Yu74

9 years ago#11
Lrn2eenglesh pl0x?
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User Info: zynnk

9 years ago#12
okay thats fine then :)
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User Info: Sonsaru

9 years ago#13
Guard +1 is more than enough, especially with the new "middle" guard animation that doesn't push you back so far. The main attack I've seen that still pushes back far with Guard +1 is Volganos' shove, and supposedly that *still* pushes back and causes damage with Guard +2.
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User Info: DragonMasterWL

9 years ago#14
Yah, guard+1 is plenty. The only thing I'm upset about is that they slowed the down guard stab. It so much slower now.
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