Official English Patch by TeamHGG Beta v2.0

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User Info: Neh_Nekojin

9 years ago#1
TeamHGG has released the next version of their incredible MHP2G English patch, with a new and improved PSP patcher and many more improvements in game.

The patcher runs on your PSP, and it will patch any size ISO, as well as previously patched ISOs. All you need is the MHP2G iso file on the memory stick (ripped from a legally owned UMD of course. Please do not steal this game), and the patcher program.

Here is an album of screens from HotGamerMum:

Here are some screens I personally took:

As you can see, the cat names, the cat skills, the weapons and armor, skills, and the quests are all done already. This patch is 100% playable already! New in v.2 are Cat Chef conversations, Guild Card Log (except quest names), Felyne Fighter skill descriptions, most of the house bookshelf, and more. Still to come in the future are weapon and armor descriptions,

Again, download the patch at OR OR OR

Purchase Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G at

You do NOT need Media Install with this patch. If you still want to use Media Install, delete your old one and re-install it after applying this patch. To apply this patch, simply place the entire folder 'PapimeruPSP2' into your PSP/GAME directory, and run it from the memory card in the XMB menu.

User Info: tw1g_007

9 years ago#2
Another masterpiece released. Gotta hand it to the team.
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User Info: Sloopy-Gloopy

9 years ago#3
Muffins killed my family...

User Info: Bo6

9 years ago#4
robo-who? Team HGG is doing great.
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User Info: FreedomHowl

9 years ago#5
How do I patch it I tried to move the files to the PSP/Game Folder but it didn't do anything help me please
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User Info: __fierceaura

9 years ago#6
You also have the patch...

With more feeling!
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User Info: TrueMuerte

9 years ago#7
You also have the patch...

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User Info: TheBig_MT

9 years ago#8

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User Info: Phail_ed

9 years ago#9
Ensure that you right click the zipped patcher and "Extract to Here", as simply dragging the files from the double click windows view of winzip will not work. The final estination will be /PSP/GAME/PapimeruPSP/*eboot+files_Here*. Then simply run the patcher and select the MHP2ndG iso.

Seems like common sense, but I've already had 2 people that had issues because of improper file structure.

User Info: aegilnet

9 years ago#10
This patch is made of greatness! Thanks again to the HGG team for so much hard work... I can't thank you enough!
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