MHFU Bowgun solo.

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User Info: henrysugar

8 years ago#1
i started on a fresh save since my previous save was delete/corrupted or something like that. I dropped my psp while saving and it got destroyed sadly. I was hr9 and was just getting real good with guns on my previous save. This is gonna be something like that guy who is doing sns solo.

i am currently on elder urgent shen gaoren ( 6*) and about 25 hrs into the save though it could be much much faster. Did all the quests on the first time. only the dual diablos quest on 6* gave me a bit of problem and i took about 30 mins to do that. i use mainly LBG since its better early on but once i get hr 4+, ill switch to hbg. Currently have full kut ku and titan launcher. Gonna make full ceantuar+ tigrex lbg for my pierce set soon.

so far i feel everything is much easier and faster with guns. Even tigrex, whom many consider a wall, is easily done in 10 mins with my current armor and weapon.

P.S, i dont use flashbombs/traps/bombs/whim skills. i dont even use stamina items such as steaks cause im too lazy to get raw meat.

User Info: Ferdigian

8 years ago#2
try to make light bow gun with rapid fire pierce... i kill shen gaoren elder 6* quest only 15 minutes^^

User Info: henrysugar

8 years ago#3
OMG the ******* gaoren destroyed the fort! first quest fail l0l.

can u suggest me a bowgun that does exactly that cause i really think i cant continue with my crap armor and lbg.

User Info: b8ssgsReturns

8 years ago#4
Wouldn't Rapid Thunder be better? Element + Peirce?
I think the Peach Parasol has Rapid Thunder.
For Rapid Peirce... um... to be honest I have no idea...
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User Info: brainfriiz

8 years ago#5
Assault Conga has rapid pierce 1. I would recommend the ladybug cannon (or better) hbg myself.

User Info: Morph4290

8 years ago#6

I would suggest making the strongest and most versatile hbg your list has. Gaoren moves slow, just has a lot of hp to punch through. So mobility isn't much of an issue. Also, don't bother with the fort weapons and eat with cats for +hp and +atk, or eat a power seed.

User Info: DazuroGhenari

8 years ago#7
I'm doing this too, actually. I've hit a wall at Land of Tremors, though. Currently using Kirin set with Meteor Buster... not working very well, though. I've got IotG and Butterfly S, but the lack of damage output makes me a little wary....
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User Info: mazereon

8 years ago#8
I've got a Shen Gaoren HBG guide that might help, TC, and Mort, I have a naked Dual Tigrex run you might find handy.

Basically, LBG and Normal S Up, and run around it and blast the back legs to trip it over.

Bowgun Compendium:

User Info: henrysugar

8 years ago#9
Did gaoren with 8 mins remaining. quite easy with tigrex lbg and full ceantuar armour. The felyne elder urgent hypnoc took me a : surprisingly long time, about 15 mins to be exact. gonna do felyne elder quests now. should i get lao shung canon with death stench? lbgs are starting to get weak.

User Info: Aikavari

8 years ago#10
Congrats man! I'm still at Elder 4* on my run at 20+ hours not skipping any quests. SNS is as slow as expected lol.
Aikavari - please check my thread "Reexperiencing MHFU using only SNS" -

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