Khezu Special Cut

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User Info: DrPlasma

8 years ago#1
anyone got any ideas. i've killed g rank khezu after khezu and still nothing, i'm using corpse blades and he has scars all over him but still nothing.

User Info: blade342

8 years ago#2
scar his body and capture when weak
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User Info: xToSs

8 years ago#3
Search function.
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User Info: Adachi_

8 years ago#4
Yeah, the capturing part helps. That or, you obviously want the item. And we all know when you want an item in monster hunter, it won't come to you. =(

User Info: DrPlasma

8 years ago#5
yeah happens to me when i need something all the time, i wanted a rathian ruby a while a go and the minute i don't need one anymore or i give up i find the rathain ruby twice in a row, it's highly annoying. lol, i guess i'll just keep fighting him killing and capturing.

User Info: Lashe304

8 years ago#6
I tend to get them doing the epic quests involving Khezu too.
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User Info: Metool

8 years ago#7
I've gotten 2 of em from the drool when he hangs on the ceiling. Khezu just up and hacked up a chunk of himself.
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User Info: Devinarde

8 years ago#8

scar all parts for 8% bonus

capture for 8% bonus

drops 7%

User Info: Psience

8 years ago#9
Posted 8/20/2009 11:54:57 AM
I tend to get them doing the epic quests involving Khezu too.


I'm not sure why but somehow this is true for me too. G-rank of course.
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