Gunlance vs Lance

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User Info: Rue

7 years ago#1
So I started MH with MHF2 and I'm mostly a LS user but I use just about every weapon. I got decent with Gunlance and enjoyed it a bit but never got into Lance. Now with Tri I'm a LS and Lance user and love Lance. So my question is, when I go back to MHFU with my new game (cause my memory stick was wiped out), should I concentrate on Gunlance or Lance? How much has changed between MHFU and MHF3? I know it's hard to use LS a little in MHFU now without the awesome sidestep swing. Basically, what are good Lances to make if I'm up to the Blangonga Urgent in the guild and only done 1* Elder quests (I play with my fiance in the guild almost exclusively). Thanks.
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User Info: Art Of Drowning

Art Of Drowning
7 years ago#2
Check Boldrin's weapons obtainability FAQ. It shows the best weapons for each stage of the game.
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User Info: rahlhunter

7 years ago#3
Spiked Spear (299 ATK when paired with Battle Armor) sounds right up your alley.. There aren't any good Fire based Lances until you unlock Rathalos and Gravios. If anything send Trenya to the Jungle for 200 pts for Fire Wyvern Fluid.. That along with Machalite Ore and Killer Bugs should allow you to make Wyvern Blade "Fall" which is a good beginner "Fire" LS with decent green sharpness and attack power for Elder/Low Rank quests.

As far as the differences with Lances, the Lances in MHFU act very much the same as they did in MHF2. They lack the Charge Attack, Counter & Reposte and Frontal Arc Slash that you are enjoying right now in Tri. Not saying that Lances are bad in MHFU, they're certainly one of my favorite weapons, just don't expect them to have as much utility as they do in Tri. As for Gun Lances, they were actually gimped in MHFU compared to MHF2, they're not bad weapons at all and they're just awesome to use for style purposes alone. I'll just say not to expect any fast kill times at all with Gun Lances.. You'll probably be able to do sub 12min or sub 10min in some cases, but they're definitely not speed kill weapons like GS, Hammers, Long Swords and HBG's.

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