lava armor

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User Info: fatie760

7 years ago#1
is the lava armor useful? or worth making? i just beat the lavasioth and idk what guts skill is

User Info: Psionic_Wookie

7 years ago#2
lt's a great set for Bows and decent for GS.

Guts means you can't be one-shotted if you have more than 64 health.
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User Info: Sylent02

7 years ago#3
It's ugly as **** though, so no, it's entirely useless. Get the weapons.
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User Info: mgsxmike

7 years ago#4
Gunner armor

User Info: Hells_spire

7 years ago#5
i have my lava armor gemmed for AoU, guts, terrain damage negate, focus, and mix success rate -5%. Been pretty useful for me so far since i can't get rajang x yet
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