ITT: CWCheat and why it's necessary for today's Hunter.

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User Info: _ytinereSinO

4 years ago#1
If you didn't already know, there are cheats for just about everything in MHFU. Some of these though (once you've used them), become almost as necessary as bringing a full stack of Flashbombs and ingredients for more on every quest. If you've been playing the game without these activated, why are you even playing? It removes some of the barriers that cause "fun" to stand in a long line behind "difficult".

In order of importance:

1. Auto Monster Location - Sort of like a free Autotracker skill. No need to guess where the monster is going, nor where it starts.

2. Reward Drops By 1z - When you lose consciousness and the Felynes bring you back to the base camp, instead of losing 1/3 of your total quest reward, you only lose 1z each time! That means that you can pretty much "die" as many times as you want and still never fail the quest because there will always be enough reward left over.

3. Infinite Stamina - This is mainly for users of Hammers, Dual Swords, and Lances (charging), but also helps enormously in situations where you wouldn't normally have enough stamina to roll, dive out of the way, or even block an attack. Having this cheat activated means never having to worry about things like Power and Mega Juices, or even Well Done Steaks and Rations.

4. Long Sword Meter Always Full - Since most players use Long Sword (and rightly so), this is an absolute must have. The attack power you get from the "R, R, RRRRRR" attack is unmatched by any of the other attacks of this weapon, and never having to stop attacking is wonderful.

5. L + R + Select Quest Clear - This last cheat is kind of an "if all else fails" stopgap measure. If you are having too much trouble with the monster, if you just can't find that last Special Mushroom, or if you forgot to bring enough Flashbombs, simply hold "L" + "R", and press "Select". Bah Badabaaa! The "Quest Cleared!" message will be displayed, and you will have completed the quest. This way you don't have to quit the quest and retain the negative comments that leaves on your Guild Card.

Those are my top 5, if anyone else uses a different set, or wants to add some, that's cool.
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User Info: Ecclesiastes273

4 years ago#2
Raditz's codes were better.

User Info: _ytinereSinO

4 years ago#3
Disregard this if you don't have the means to obtain CWCheat.
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User Info: Sunshinelady

4 years ago#4
This is why Vita MHFU players are awesome because there is no way they can use CWCheat even if they wanted to.
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User Info: Sliver_Fata_Z

4 years ago#5
go away

User Info: MasterChief646

4 years ago#6
"Women are getting awfully good at destroying men's souls these days"
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User Info: crunchy612

4 years ago#7
TC needs CWCHeats to clear Giaprey quests

baddie confirmed
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4 years ago#8
I actually used to play monster hunter with no cheats when I first
had it on my PSP, The game was (Yeah "WAS") awesome for the
time I lasted playing it.

But one thing that I hate from games is that sometimes the difficulty
deters the fun... Sure monster hunter is supposed to be fun because
of that but doing the same stuff everyday and always taking 30+
minutes to kill a damn monster easily turned me away from the series...

Later on the life of my PSP I found CW CHEAT and it actually added an
enormous replay value to the game, Now I have fun doing whatever I
want in the game.

I like monster hunter and I myself can easily clear any quest without
cheating but it gets old and annoying doing the same thing over and over
and over taking the same amount of time...

That's why I like God Eater better than Monster hunter... Matter of personal
taste but I prefer the customization & fast action GE offers me instead of
the slow progressing MH...

Not comparing or trying to start yet another "Everything after MH is a clone"
war... Just saying people like difficult games while others like fast paced

CW CHEATS actually make this game more fun IMO....

User Info: _ytinereSinO

4 years ago#9
LEDAHGRIM posted...

CW CHEATS actually make this game more fun IMO....

Exactly. I know a lot of the high and mighties on this board like to tout their "skills", but this is the most efficient, enjoyable, and sexually satisfying way to play the game.
Formerly known as God


4 years ago#10
_ytinereSinO posted...

sexually satisfying way to play the game.

WUT? Be right back... Gotta hump that humanized lunastra I saw on a imageboard
a few days ago...

BTW why is only lunastra humanized lol?

I guess the other dragons aren't as beautiful and mighty as a lunastra xD...

On serious note:
Yeah, unfortunately MOST people like to brag about their gaming skills like it mattered
in real life...

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