How do I kill tigres?

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User Info: skyfire777

5 years ago#11
this should be in the answers section, not the message board.

with that said, there's plenty of advice from lots of different people with varying perspectives
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User Info: TME_Guy

5 years ago#12
the answers section is kinda horrible imo

User Info: Devil_Chrome

5 years ago#13
Like what Morvoni said.. don't be afraid on Tigrex because he's fast, he looks terrifying and he looks strong... he has big openings mostly after charging all the way in the place.. and also staying on the offensive is a good choice.. attack when you think you can dodge his attacks if you attack him at that time.. time your hits well and don't be greedy on hits.
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User Info: Stefan1277

5 years ago#14
I killed him with a great sword. I'm far from able to give advice, in fact I only coming here to ask for advice! I'm barely starting my 7 star quests, but I kill Tigrex relatively fast with a great sword.

Just read it's movements. He's fast but predictable as the sunrise. He usually leaves an opening after every move. Keep your sword sheathed. Run waiting for your chance, and as soon as you see it, hit him on the head with the vertical slash, unsheathing your sword of course. Roll away. Put your sword away. Repeat.

Takes me like 15 minutes tops to kill him this way, and he can't hit me easily... cept when he screams.
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User Info: Lustcloud

5 years ago#15
Eager Cleaver? Most hunter use that LS the first time they meet tigrex. Don't be greedy, just use one forward slash and backsweep if you see opening.
Tigrex charge can easily avoid by standing near him and errr...roll in his left side? sorry, i forgot with side.
Otherwise, don't use weapon without guard ability if you can't use roll evade yet.
And flashbomb and pitfall trap didn't there for deco only, use it, do not mind what's other say it's cheap or whatever.

User Info: Xomax007

5 years ago#16
If you want an easy win, just use 15 flash bombs. Note: this is a cheap win and may hinder your skill progression toward later Tigrex!

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