about the portal thing??

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User Info: Monsour_blade

7 years ago#1
it looks the same as the portal in super robot wars alpha series......
did they just make a crossover of metal slug and super robot war?
i had that opinion cause at one stage ( i forgot which) you could ride a mech (the big one) which kinda looked like a Laz Angriff from the SRW originals
so are there any connection of the portals being the same?

User Info: z_merquise

7 years ago#2
Nope. It just happen that the portal in Metal Slug 7 had the same design as one w/ the Cross Gates in Super Robot Wars and Endless Frontier series. Same goes for the Raz Angriff and Slug Gigant.

But now that you mentioned it, I really wanted some SNK characters to appear in other crossover games. SRW would be very unlikely, but Endless Frontier? Yes, please! Ever since that game include characters in other games (Xenosaga and Namco X Capcom) I really wanted to expand the game's crossover to other game companies.
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  3. about the portal thing??

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