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User Info: TealJackit

6 years ago#1
I'm so disappointed that I bought SSA (samurai shodown anthology) so late, the entire board is dead now! But I find myself checking back at this board every few days and I'm thinking maybe there are other people like me who are doing that too.

So just to see if we can stir some life into this board, let's discuss this:

How did you guys get into samurai shodown?

For myself, I was a young kid when samurai shodown I and II was in the arcades and only got to play it once. I got my butt kicked by some older guy and felt bad, but I really liked how the game looked and thought the characters were so cool. I would literally sit in my room and think about playing the game and pretending that I could pull off a fireball (it was too hard).

Now I'm in my 20s and I decided to pick up the game just because I still like the characters and want to see if I can master the single player (I'd love mutliplayer but I don't know many people who have the patience for learning fighting games.) I'm starting with samurai shodown II, the game that brought so many people into the series and I'll move on after manage to beat it. That's about it for me.

Be good to hear your stories.

User Info: Ron1989

6 years ago#2
I bring it alot to my college and we have a blast

User Info: MawiocUdwoc

6 years ago#3
I played the first one when I was little, but since Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter were around too, I never liked it that much. I never played another one till I played IV in high school, and I loved it! I learned to play well with Ukyo, Jubei and Charlotte, among others; but then the arcade place was closed and I never found it again. So when I saw the anthology coming, I basically wanted to get it only for SS IV :P

Now I play all of them, I'm more into the storyline of each character and trying to get better with all, they're all great games, but my favorite is still SS IV :D
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User Info: Ganon_the_1st

6 years ago#4
Some life!

Always knew it existed but only actually played the 1st one on VC, then the 2nd one. I kept checking amazon uk for the pal version...and today, i found it!

Should be here next week! :D

So i'll be around to chat about them.
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User Info: funguy2233

6 years ago#5
I actually have this game for the ps2, but its hard enough finding anyone talking about this game so here I am.

I got into Samurai Shodown with IV. There was a 7-11 just outside my high school and I used to go there literally everyday. Those were the days. X-men vs Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and SSIV.

I used to be one of the better players at SSIV so there were always people to play and what a blast we had. Trying out the different characters, the difference between slash and bust modes. I still remember when I went to medium up from beginner. Once I started getting the hang of the burst explosion it opened up so many gameplay options.

The game was also only 25 cents which helped.

I remember one game in particular that I was having with a good friend of mine and he was beating me in the second round after winning the first. The timer was running out and the smack talk had started since he saw the victory right before his eyes. And then it happened. I used the burst explosion since it stops the timer and I had to time to make a comeback. Then I went on to win the 3rd round.

You know, fighting games are so much more fun when you play with a friend next to you as opposed to playing random strangers online with all the modern fighters.

User Info: DreamShard

6 years ago#6
Ello Everyone, I also brought the game not to long ago and I have to say it rocks, one character I especially love to play is Kuroko, but if anyone can post a message soon, has anyone perform the move "Slick's Bloom of the Wolf"? I can't seem to get it to work worth of jack lol.

For one thing I'm using the nun-chuck and probably should be playing this game with a classic controller, but when I try to perform it, it say to do D, DF, F x 4 + L S simultaneously. I know how to perform Slick's Rage of the 8 Maidens of course but changing it to Bloom seem to be not so easy, umm do anyone know what I have to do?

I keep thinking I have to press D, DF, F 4 times while pressing L S on the last forward of the 4th time, but that may not be the case, and for one thing after enabling the "Data Display", I notice when I do press D, DF, F and repeat, I seem to go to N ( neatrul position of movement ) would that affect the skill?. If anyone know, please post back or let me know ^.^

Also, post back your favorite character ( just 1 lol )

SSBB - 2922-3653 4614 Name: Dream
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User Info: TheSooze

6 years ago#7
Go to practice. The move doesn't cancel out the 8 maidens, just the last part where you have the guy hoisted up.Try to do 4 or 5 rapid qcf motions starting at the 8th hit and hitting qcf+l+S right when kuroko starts to lift them. I have many favorite characters between the 6 games so I can't decide now on an absolute favorite,sorry...

User Info: Miraidia

6 years ago#8
this game is freakin awesome.
Mirai from now to Eternity

User Info: ExcIusivity69

6 years ago#9
I got introduced to it by Capcom vs SNK 2. I did have my eye on it for a while though, and I'm thinking of getting this game.

I have a question, and hopefully someone can answer it. Does this game have two official cover arts? I want to get this game with this cover art.

I don't want this one.

I know it's no big deal, because you play the game, not the cover, but I'm real picky when it comes down to these things.

User Info: Stray_Zero

6 years ago#10
To ExcIusivity69

The front art is actually the one with Haohmaru and Genjuro on all ports, so sorry if you wanted Haoh and Yoshi (not the dino) on the front cover.

On topic though, Its really awesome, although tough to find and play one in an Arcade, you can bring the Arcade feel right at home.
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