Save states.

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User Info: Isegrim

9 years ago#1
I really wish SNKP would add this option.

KOF 96(and the same goes for 94 and 95 to some extent) takes a LOT of time to finish, far more than other fighting games since you cycle through EVERY team before the boss and there are a lot of teams.

I can barely finish Street Fighter Alpha 3 since I play it during the trip home every night. I could leave it on sleep mode but I also use the music player a lot and end up cancelling my game if I'm in the mood for music.

If not save states, then something like a stage saving option like what SNK used before in certain versions of their games.

Just my two cents. And before someone says emulation, I AM aware of the emulation scene and can re-flash it for custom firmware anytime since where I live, you can rent a Pandora Battery for a paltry sum. I just choose not to for now since the temptation to pirate would probably be too strong to resist... for me at least.

User Info: zerojad

9 years ago#2
Usually Fighting games don't have saves, so that you may return to that level later.
So that what makes fighting games more challenging or more boring, depends on the game.
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User Info: silvermirage

9 years ago#3
but... its on PSP isn't it... can't you like... just put the PSP to sleep and turn it back on when you want to play again..? :\

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