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User Info: Serpent Snake

Serpent Snake
8 years ago#1
1st, it's stated here on mid of September. Then delayed to October, & now... 25th November? Get real! Is it so hard just to port something that has been made before? Bleh... SNK(P) being lazy again -.-
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User Info: Isegrim

8 years ago#2
As long as it's arcade faithful and not glitchy like SNK USA's past offerings on the PS2. If the extra time is being used to fix problems, I wouldn't mind much.

Why are they listing only three games in the Data section? If they cut out KOF 94 and especially 98, it's a no sale. I'm still steamed Samurai Showdown Anthology won't be getting SSV Special.

User Info: Svenyip

8 years ago#3
The "Orochi Saga" has always been considered as just KoF 95 - KoF 97 (and was released as those three games when it was first packaged as the Orochi Saga for the PS2). Just like the NESTS saga is KoF 99 - 2001. King of Fighters arcs tend to encompass three games.

KoF 94 was just kind of ... there, and has already been re-released as a stand-alone upgrade on other systems. And KoF 98 is a dream match unrelated to the Orochi Saga.
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User Info: HyugaKojiro

8 years ago#4

It's '94-'98, that's not changing. Also people be happy we're getting these games at all.
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User Info: mmc2679

8 years ago#5
While I am thankful that these games coming to PSP but it's annoying that release dates constantly being changed. Remember Metal Slug Anthology??? SNK Playmore loses customer by pulling this kind of crap. Don't know what's their problem.
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User Info: joe_lavaia

8 years ago#6
only the Wii version got pushed back. the PSP and PS2 versions are still set to come out next week.
GT: jlavaia
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User Info: Serpent Snake

Serpent Snake
8 years ago#7
It's 28th Oct today... Has this game out yet in your local stores?
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User Info: takuma_kof98

8 years ago#8
The delay issue has with SNK games has always got me a little disappointed. The thing that really gets me angry is that some titles seem to get release dates and others seem to not. They just simply just appear one at a local game store unexpected. The game retailer I only seem to be able deal with now is game stop. I'm a very big fan of 2D fighters. I've been asking since like last year for some of the games that have been now released out by SNK. One in example was World Heroes Anthology I been asking every so often at local game stops about this title if I could reserve it. I always got a no date and no sku available. Id checked SNK Playmore site it gave a date of 3/11/08 this was around May when I noticed released date. I went what the heck why isnt' it in stores. About 2 months ago when browsing for games an game stop employee asked if I wanted to reserve anything. I told I do but that they never have dates for the ones I want to reserve. He asked what titles I told him World Heroes Anthology. He then told me they had it in stock and it was used! Shocked and surprised it looked new to me I purchased it. It was the only copy in stock the clerk said it only appears under a used sku and came in their shipment as used. I also think the Fatal Fury Archives 2 just showed up one day into the stores as well. The other titles I still want to reserve are King of Fighters 98' (PS2) and Samurai Shodown Anthology (PSP). No dates on SNK Playmore sites for these two and also with game stop. I've check here and only get Q1 2009 for KOF 98' and SSA Q4. Are these titles just one day too appear in stores and possible be only few arrive into stock. What is up with SNK Playmore!! I think we need a more definite release date for these games not just approximate quarter. I think dedicated SNK fans deserve it.
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User Info: joe_lavaia

8 years ago#9
this game is out. there was no additional delay from the release date given.
GT: jlavaia
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User Info: X-RS

8 years ago#10

i hope the local eb has it =)

course, we dont always get releases a day after theyre 'supposed' to be out.

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