Delay & delay again...

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User Info: Kasper_Herman

8 years ago#11
n e one get it?

User Info: Dark-Death

8 years ago#12
Well, I checked my EB games, another gamestore and HMV for the ps2/psp version of it. They all claim it's coming out Nov 4,5 and they said the shipment has been pushed to that date. So I guess It got delayed? Anyone else get that? I'm in canada btw so I donno, mabye it was just delayed in canada...

User Info: X-RS

8 years ago#13

i checked the stores. no one had it. eb says 5th -.-

i dont care about halloween anymore!!!! give me time warp!!!!

User Info: takuma_kof98

8 years ago#14
I got mine today from gamestop. I was only able to reserve it for PSP.They also had PS2 version in but limited copies. :/
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