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whats so great about 98?

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User Info: baboonface

8 years ago#1
k i heard 98 is the best king of fighters in the series i first started with 00 then 01,02,03 then decided to go back and played the 99 and 98 and what makes 98 so great my favorite is 00

User Info: takuma_kof98

8 years ago#2
Hmm since you said started playing KOF at 00' going back to previous years may seem to disappoint someone such as yourself. Starting with 00 has put you late into the series. I like to consider myself a "veteran" player of kof series since the furthest back I've played is 95' I do have 94' on my computer but really haven't give it time it should. To me the what you might be experiencing if it is disappointment might have to is maybe is the game play. I've played all the way up to 04' but I prefer 98'. This is why I prefer 98' and consider it my favorite. Every KOF that has come out has always introduced something new to the game play. I think at 99' they started the "strikers" where one of your other characters assist you for a quick second. Also with 99' and the preceding years the move sets of the characters have changed somewhat slightly as well as animations, and game modes. I love 98' to me this one of it was finest. I like the new KOFs but always find myself going back over and over to 98'. I have played the heck out of it. In 98' you pick 3 fighters and you fight 1 on1 as it started in 94'. Well 94' didn't offer team edit. There are only 2 fighting modes in 98' "extra" and "advanced". "Extra" mode was fun but I think in "Advance" mode you can dominate. In "Extra" mode you can charge your power bar to maximum buy hold 3 buttons down but was awkward to pull off in the heat of battle. Plus with "extra" mode when performing a super move its only like a level 1. It can be charged over and over but to me that makes you more vulnerable for being attacked. A level 2 super move can only performed only when your life bar is flashing "red" and in my opinion it more like a desperation super. In "Advance" mode you start with three stocks. To charge up the stocks all you had to do is perform special moves,block attacks and pull off combos. The stock charge up quickly when doing this even also when taking hits. ( I know I'm stating the obvious most fighting games do this.) When 2 or more stocks are charged up a super move can be performed. A level 1 uses only one stored stock. To perform a level 2 or what I consider a "Max Super" you press 3 buttons to power up but it is timed. While "powered up" moves and attacks are stronger also while performing special moves they are enhanced meaning more hits. Pulling off combos and special moves ensures more combos hits equals more damage. While "powered up" pulling off a super move and having it connect means almost an instant K.O.depending how much an fighter life bar has left. A full life bar gets it pretty close to a K.O.!! I know that 98' only having these 2 games modes may make it sound simple but it was completely fun in my opinion. And also 98' had the most characters in at the time and there were also some EX characters. I know I might have gotten long winded about your question what is great about 98'. To me it all boils down to is 2 modes of play,true 1 on 1 fighting in teams of 3 at its finest. Just pure and simple. The introductions in the later years of new modes,strikers, changed move sets and tag in seemed to take the fun out of true 1 on 1 fighting. But that is my own opinion don't take my word on it. :)
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User Info: HeyBillbert

8 years ago#3
^dude....was that on purpose?
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User Info: HyugaKojiro

8 years ago#4
That was one hell of a jumping HK into HP, to special, into DM of a wall o' text there. Way to punish the KOF'98 n00bs!!
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User Info: takuma_kof98

8 years ago#5
Wow I didn't realize the "DM" of my text would K.O. baboonface! Knocked out maybe into silent unconsciousness? :P J/K I wonder if he will reply to my post. All you KOF 98' fans give a shout out that this one is the best!! BOOYAH!!!
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User Info: supersonic125

8 years ago#6
i like 97' a bit better , ah memories memories

User Info: kagami3k

8 years ago#7
^same here
97 was my favorite

but then again, i prefer 96, it's visual content (select screen, vs, win quote screen) seems a little better to me...

User Info: HyugaKojiro

8 years ago#8
Looks like baboonface is still stuck at the continue service slot machine ;D

As far as this collection goes '98 still plays the best, although I still prefer '97 for single player due to the story and atmosphere.

Hope this sells well so they can hurry up with the NESTS saga, hopefully it will have '99-'02 + Neowave if they feel generous enough, seeing as this game got two extra games over the JP version as well.
PSN: HyugaKojiro

User Info: baboonface

8 years ago#9
wow i see lol
i guess i'll check out 98 when i get this and oh ya i meant 02 was my favorite not 00
thx alot guys

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