Does anybody have this game.

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User Info: ChenX

8 years ago#11
I got mine already for $14.99.

User Info: ElliotJefferies

8 years ago#12
15 dollors?

i thought it was 30 bucks?

User Info: takuma_kof98

8 years ago#13
I got mine today!! I had reserved it. I'm so happy!! I might also get the PS2 to play with friends, :D
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User Info: hyper_guy

8 years ago#14
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: HolyDragonFire

8 years ago#15
I recommend you delete that post, before you get modded. It's a violation against the TOS to post that sorta stuff. I'm not gonna report you... but someone else might.
And the Heavens shall tremble.

User Info: Date_Cartel

8 years ago#16
Got mines yesterday at a independent game store. Money well spent.
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