voice dub?

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User Info: Ayamasaki

8 years ago#1
does anyone know for the U.S. version, do they still keep the original
voice acts from the arcade (japanese dub) or do they actually cut it out or worse, dubbed it
in English? I know there's not much to dub for a fighting game...but like for kyo's special move
in 98 (and other character's special moves)... i don't want him to be dubbed in english or have his ougi voice cut out because its U.S. version, that would make it very lame.
can anyone confirm this?

User Info: ElliotJefferies

8 years ago#2
Nope. Don't worry, it'll have the original voice acting and not some dub crap.

User Info: Ayamasaki

8 years ago#3
ok thanks!

User Info: HyugaKojiro

8 years ago#4
The only time they dubbed KOF and removed the original voices was with the 3D Maximum impact game for the PS2, the xbox port later on fixed this as well.

So no there won't be any English, just Engrish ;D
PSN: HyugaKojiro

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