PSP ver. is slower

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User Info: Lead_Tester

8 years ago#1
or is it just me?

I was playing KOF 98 in in the PSP version and i found it way slower than in the Original or PS2 versions
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User Info: Nthenorm

8 years ago#2
For the past 20 minutes, I've been alternating between playing KOF98 from the Orochi Saga collection and the NeoGeo version via emulation. Loading times aside, the Orochi Saga version does feel slightly sluggish, and there's a couple noticable hiccups at times, but nothing major that would ruin the game. Both were running at 333mhz btw.

User Info: Lead_Tester

8 years ago#3
I'm What The GODS Have Made Me.
sEe To tHeM yOu'Re juSt a FrEaK... LIkE mE

User Info: TowelFight

8 years ago#4
There's lag in the PSP version.
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User Info: Server_X

8 years ago#5
I have both the psp version and the ps2 version now. I've compared both versions load times and controls of 98. To be honest the loading times don't really differ too much, at least to me. The ps2 version sounds better and has no lag, but I prefer the psp slim's controls over the ps2's controller. I was trying to do one of Ryuji Yamazaki's supers (the simple down-forward, down-forward) on the ps2 controller. I never really had any trouble pulling it off on the psp version, yet when I'm doing it on the ps2 version he almost always uses his knife attack on the opponent instead. Idk, it's just my opinion but I like fighters on my psp slim the best because I prefer the slim's d-pad over the ps2's. 98 on the psp feels more solid to me because of that reason. I dont really care much about the lagging sound or the short pauses.
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