Ace Combat vs HAWX If you are still undecided on HAWX.

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User Info: wolfycookie

8 years ago#1
Ok. Before I went out and bought HAWX I was curious as, I was not sure if I would get the game if it was not at least as good as AC6. I thought this post might help those who are undecided on HAWX if they already have ace combat 6.

Graphics - Most people post here that HAWX is better, but I would say only slightly. As both look photo realistic. They both have about the same detail even though HAWX is based on satelite images. So I would say the same.

Sense of speed - I would also say this is the same, I couldn't really tell. I used thrust close to the ground with both games flying the f14 tomcat and it looked pretty similar. Although HAWX tells you your speed is usually fast rarely going below 1000kmph.

Story - Ac6 has a dramatic story that is set in a fictional world with a japanese flavour while HAWX is set in the real world but in the future with American pilot bravado. Both are quite good, but I prefer real world opposed to fictional.

Planes - Hawx has alot more planes than Ac6. 50 opposed to about 20 and also HAWX has more weapon loadouts.

wingmen - Both games feature wingmen, but the ones in HAWX seem to defy physics by flying faster than you or even missiles can when you direct them to attack something on the other side of a map. and they never get shot down. Id say AC6 wingmen are better.

Mission variety and length - Both have good variety and fairly lengthy missions at about 20mins to 30mins each. But Ac6 has different starting points for some missions which adds more to the variety.

Controls - Both can control almost exactly the same but HAWX has assistance mode off which is fairly pointless in my opinion. I find it harder to play in this mode. HAWX does have flares that can be deployed when you are being shot at, whilst Ac6 doesn't.

Difficulty - Ac6 has more of a challenge, but both games can be tweaked.

Overall. I would say HAWX, but only just. HAWX is so simiar to AC6 it could really be a slightly more polished sequel. So if you liked Ac6 and want more get HAWX. If you didn't really like it then id say its worth a rent.

User Info: Moukaryuu

8 years ago#2
I bought the game several days ago but I have yet to open it. I'm just not sure it will pull me in. I think I heard something about about leveling, like in CoD. That intrigues me...
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User Info: nl200

8 years ago#3
There are levelling up, you get some new weapons or planes or both every level except for the last few i think...

User Info: Ralta

8 years ago#4
I much preferred Ace Combat, especially for its sense of speed (you can drop to practically nothing and stall, unlike HAWX where you can't unless you're in AOFF). If HAWX had more aircraft, it would be far superior to HAWX in my opinion.
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User Info: wolfycookie

8 years ago#5
Oh yeah I forgot about the levelling up. I haven't tried to play HAWX online yet. But have played online in Ac6. Most of those matches I found were against people from Japan. And boy they were good.

User Info: Ralta

8 years ago#6

From: wolfycookie | #005
Oh yeah I forgot about the levelling up. I haven't tried to play HAWX online yet. But have played online in Ac6. Most of those matches I found were against people from Japan. And boy they were good.

Strange, I only played against Brits and Americans. And they were all average ;-)
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User Info: MRL3G3ND

8 years ago#7
HAWX is fun but it hasn't got anything on on ACE6

I played them both this weekend witht eh flight stick...and ace blows hawx out of the water in every department

except maybe the real life location with satellites...but when it comes to flying in ace it's just simmy enough to have fun at...

everything is ace down to the replays...where hawx give you a fly by and ace gives you several different cameras.

I think Hawx gave a good effort for it's first time, but Ace is on #6 which means they know what people want, and they gave it to them...

What Ubi HAS learned is that it's a bad idea to pin people to a view..especially one that isn't 100% condusive to flying experiences...

I feel like a fighter pilot on Ace6
I feel like I'm playing a fighter game with hawx

Really, I play in cockpit view with my 65" LCD and it's like I'm in a cockpit..immersion is high...I use the flightstick and analog button to look around...I see missle trails everywhere, the hud is lit up like x-mas...and control and procedural accuracy is what makes you good...

Hawx has most of this I just look at it as a fun Afterburner 2009...I pulled off a flip shot a missle off...stalled, brought it back through buildings...pretty action packed and sweet but not hard to do...

I guess a good example would be NBA JAMS vs NBA 2K9
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User Info: DragonNose

8 years ago#8
I agree with a few, but I disagree with alot of your points wolf, and the fact that your posting this without even trying the online had me question your points even more

Having played both through and through...
IMO these games have both positives & negatives that make neither stand out more then the other

-AC6 has better (photo realistic) looking planes, yet HAWX has way better looking land scapes!!

-AC6 has landing, taking off, & the fueling in the air and IMO more of a creative/fun campaign run, yet HAWX has more planes, leveling up, and better voice work and most importantly way better coop options.

-HAWX multiplayer is way more fun with ass. off mode making most dogfights epic, however the lack of multiplayer options & only 8 players suck. AC6 multiplayer is not as fun, but has great & different multiplayer modes and has 16 players.

I guess it comes down to what ever you like more personally though

User Info: PumaHiss

8 years ago#9

The part that kills the fun with HAWX for me is the forced camera switch when you turn off the "assisted flying safe mode" or whatever it's referred to. Not being able to fly in the cockpit like someone else mentioned really removes the last remaining sim aspect of the game. No throttle control below 50% while in the pilots seat was a really bad decision on Ubi's part.

Other then that though I think the game is decent overall but not as great as it could have been with a few minor changes. But as it stands now this game will not have the staying power like AC6 does. Too arcadish when people want realism in their flight games.

Haveing the Ace Edge stick does make the game a little more enjoyable though then just the regular controller.

User Info: TheBroodsRaxon

8 years ago#10
I think graphically Ace was a little better, and I say that because of the environments and the reactive instruments in the cockpits (all the instruments in the planes in Ace Combat reacted to the attitude, rate of climb, etc.). The mechanics were also a bit more consistent (wingmen couldn't just haul ass out of no where if you've been flying at full throttle for a while).

However, I prefer the assistance mode in HAWX. I think it is going to take a little bit of refining in any sequels, but it's an innovative idea that really opens up maneuverability, even if Ace planes were more maneuverable in the first person person view. If you're patient and can develop those spatial relation skills, HAWX really gives more intense dogfights in my opinion.

Furthermore, I felt that AC6 had WAY too many air-to-ground missions. I like the levels set up in HAWX much more. Beyond that, "Gracemeria" was a ball-buster. The story in AC6 just killed it for me. I know this is a subjective matter, but man, I could not play the game at all with some of the names they were throwing around.

I'm giving a relatively large edge to HAWX. More planes, more realistic story, and subjectively I liked the assistance mode
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