hardest/most annoying stronghold mission?

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  3. hardest/most annoying stronghold mission?

User Info: Oblitherate

9 years ago#1
topic just out of curiousity/personal opinion.
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User Info: Bladenyte

9 years ago#2
most annoying? thats probably a tie between the sisters and the imperial guard.

the sisters due to the virtualy immortal angel that takes a some sneaking around to dispose of.

the guard due to the fact that they pretty much force you into rampaging over the map to destroy the convoy's. however you could just ignore them and deal with the baneblades..
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User Info: Oblitherate

9 years ago#3
hmm haven't played the IG mission yet, but the SOB are annoying.
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User Info: Winter9

9 years ago#4
Toughest for me would have to go to the Imperial Guard, definitely. More so than any other stronghold, that one forces you to really get moving early.

Most annoying is the Eldar stronghold-hunting down all those webway gates gets irritating.

User Info: Kaserhawk16

9 years ago#5
So far it's been the Orks. But then again I was playing as the Tau

User Info: NeoJester

9 years ago#6
Hands down the Imperial Guard have the most annoying stronghold mission in the game. Playing as the Sisters of Battle on Hard, it feels like an exercise in futility. Want to destroy one facility? The endless, fully developed squads, basilisks, sentries, etc, etc. It's just a pain. Too bad the SOB's aerial unit is worthless against structures.
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User Info: Evil_Zeal

9 years ago#7
For annoying I'd say SM for those blasted "metal boxes"

Hardest IMO is chaos. How a mass force can almost destroy your base when you're like already in the middle the mission.
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User Info: NipponIchi

9 years ago#8
they're all pretty hard late campaign, but imo Chaos because of the nature of the mission.You gotta go get the shrines, and every time you kill a shrine you get attacked, and most of your troops are like on the other side of the map =/

User Info: steve-o194

9 years ago#9
that one was easy for the guard turtle down and throw your marauders at the shrines

User Info: Aleoi

9 years ago#10
It really depends on what race you are playing.

I played the Sisters my first time and several strongholds irritated me, the eldar one most notably.

My second run through, I'm currently useing the Imperial Guard. Due to my use of basilisks, no stronghold I've attacked so far has been too difficult. I didn't even bother doing half the tau map, I just killed the three beacons and then bombarded their main base from the relic point.

Oh, a little trick for the IG stronghold...

I didn't try it with the convoy point to the northeast, didn't think of it at the time, but when I went after the one to the nothwest, I managed to kill everything there but the farthest back vehical building. I left it there and bulit antivehical turrets just out of range. It continued to spawn convoys and they would be promptly destroyed. All I needed to do was leave a builder there to patch the turrets up from the odd sentiel attack and I could effectively ignore the convoys for the rest of the map.
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  3. hardest/most annoying stronghold mission?

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