Disco Marines!

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User Info: Randomosity

9 years ago#11
Loading excerpt from 'Tales of Valour: Reports from the Ork Invasion of Calamitis Prime'.
The PDF sold their lives dearly to stop the greenskin advance upon our primary hive, but on the horde came. There would be no escape but for the Planetary Governor, whose escape shuttle was prepped to leave before the attack began. As our leader left us to die we prayed to the Emperor for deliverance while we sold our lives to protect his works. Glory be to his swift answer. A yellow Thunderhawk descended like a falling star, the much larger transport vehicle crushing the smaller one as it landed on the same pad, and through the fire and smoke the mighty figure of a Space Marine strode forth. I will never forget the seething expression on his face as he looked upon us, upon the hive, upon the xenos. The marine did not pause, he drew his chainsword and charged down the stairs with a battlecry upon his lips, screaming "FAAAAAAAAH-" or something of the sort, a cry with no end. Even as he disappeared into the hive we heard him clearly, even as we saw the small yellow figure leap from the hive into the throng of green below we heard him. Drop pods followed as more marines smashed into the horde, more yellow armoured marines echoing the endless cry. The xenos were crushed utterly, and still screaming in rage the Space Marines ran up the Hive once more, to where the Governor still stood staring at the crushed wreckage of his escape shuttle. The marines poured into their Thunderhawk, but the marine from before ran right up to the cowardly official, and ended his warcry at last, his finger pressing painfully against the man's forehead. "-UUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOOU!" Rather unceremoniously, the Governor was then pitched off the top of the Hive, with his underwear pulled up over his head.
Thought for the day: To question is to doubt.

All Glory To The Angry Marines!
"When La Patria is threatened, everything is licit, except for allowing it to perish." --José de San Martín

User Info: Beriorn

9 years ago#12

Disco Tau > The Greater Good.
"Oh yeah!"
~ Lucius the Eternal on most things.

User Info: doraemonllh1989

9 years ago#13
yea tc its ur 4th acc,the other 3 been banned
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User Info: im_so_hood

9 years ago#14
Awesome. Awesome to the max.

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