Sisters of battle

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User Info: Tyro

8 years ago#1
I just got the game and am playing the single player campaign to learn the ropes, I am playing as Necron and am trying to eliminate the Sisters, I have blown up everything on the map and then I get a new mission to destroy the statues of the shrines of the living saints, there was something about them being invinceable and now I believe it, I can't seem to do any damage to the statues or the living saints that appear, I assume there is a trick to this, but so far it has eluded me.

anyone know the secret?

User Info: Idroveavan

8 years ago#2
I believe the Saint is invincible with an aura around it making other things invincible. Just lead the Saint away and smash the statues.

User Info: Crabbas

8 years ago#3
break your units into 2 teams, send one team to distract the living saint and the other team to attack another statue.
count from the 4th space on.

User Info: Juppies

8 years ago#4
By the way, note when you're playing as Necrons, it is possible to get a shrine max HP below zero with Pariahs. Just try to make sure when you're attacking a shrine, Saint Anais is not there to join the fun.

Anyway, if the negative HP bug does occur, just delete the Pariah squad.
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