20 hit combo help

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User Info: Haseokicksass

8 years ago#1
Which characters can do 20 hit combos?

User Info: TrialAndError

8 years ago#2
Ten Ten. Orochimaru.

Those are your best bets early on.

I'll make a topic about it soon.
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User Info: Jeffykun

8 years ago#3

easiest is ten ten....20+ hit combo if you just keep pressing shuriken....

Neji and Hinata, any combo, then chain to a ninjutsu that has multi hits.

esiet one. but everyone is capable, chain it with a chakra shuriken throw or a support charcters combo.

User Info: Haku85

8 years ago#4
lee's > O is one too. (i think)

Question T&E does Might Guy's Ultimate count for it? 100 push up in 5 seconds? I'm thinking no. but just wanted to see if you tested it or anyone else.

User Info: kennysp4

8 years ago#5
If you use Sasuke, his triangle+square (the chakra windmill shuriken) it will do about 15-18 hits itself, then just chain into a combo.

User Info: RyuXander

8 years ago#6
If you have OTK Naruto or CS2 Sasuke do their Up Combo followed by their Air Combo and you should have more than enough. If you land all hits for OTK Naruto it will hit 23 times and if you land all of CS2 Sasukes hits you will get a 30 combo

User Info: Im_A_Shinigami

8 years ago#7
Orochimaru's grab does 20 some hits.
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User Info: DaemonFyre

8 years ago#8
Naruto can get it pretty easy by comboing into his demon windmill jutsu. Do his forward combo and at around 5-7 hits launch the jutsu.

Alternately, anyone who has a "shuriken cloud" as their chakra projectile can use that mid-way through a combo for an extra 14-16 hits on the combo counter.
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User Info: SilentHawk29

8 years ago#9
TenTen can get 35+ hits without using support ez.
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User Info: GinIchimaru101

8 years ago#10
Neji Palm Rotation = 32 Done and done
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