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User Info: Kaioshin Sama

Kaioshin Sama
8 years ago#1
So I understand that while the first part of the game has only 100 turns, that the second part have 999 and apparently I'm supposed to achieve total victory (conquer all territories before conquering the enemies home base?) in order to get to them. I'm curious to though, what happens during the 2nd parts? Is it just an original expansion of the classic story with a resurgent enemy or is it something else entirely?

In any case I'm playing as Zeon right now so that means I have to conquer all of space and Earth before Jaburo in order to get the second part right?

"I combined the Gundam Mark II and Rick Dias, and added new armor. I call it the 'Zeta Gundam'." - Kamille Bidan

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