PC or PS3?

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User Info: Shinra-Army

7 years ago#1
I've played Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary on PC, so I'm kinda used to the controls, and I have a fairly big screen.

Then again, I have a bigger HDTV and I've seen this on PS3 looking gorgeous

I also have a Wii and I love it, but there's no way in hell(pun unitended) I'll be playing Underworld on it.

so, I need your knowledge, which version has less bugs or more extra features
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User Info: JoveHack

7 years ago#2
Unfortunately the answer is XBox 360. It has exclusive DLC that really helps the story.

(If you don't go the XBox 360 route, you can just watch the DLC on youtube. Or maybe get the PC version and hope M$ eventually releases the DLC there.)

I'd probably recommend the PC version over the PS3 version. The game's got some nasty glitches. Downloading a save from www.tombraiders.net can be the best solution. (I think it's easier to download and use the saves for the PC than for the PS3, but I'm no expert.)

In any case, you want to read Stellalune's spoiler free buglist before playing.

Playing on the PC would also let you apply user mods. Different costumes to supplement the few that come with the game. Making Lara bouncier. Maybe some other stuff.


"Tomb Raider Underworld Modding"

"Tomb Raider Underworld Modding, Costumes & Texturing - Discussion"


The PC version may have more control over graphics settings, too. Some players have complained about the blur on the XBox 360.
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