When you say "I hate this game" I hear "I suck at this game".

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  3. When you say "I hate this game" I hear "I suck at this game".

User Info: LeoN_MagnuZ

5 years ago#21
BobbyCreek posted...
Ahh the old "if you don't like it you must suck at it" argument, way to make yourself look like a child. Not to mention in your opening post you say Hitman 2's disguise system sucked and then immediately compare the system that apparently sucks with Absolution's system lol

I never sayed that either system sucked, I did say that disguises in Hitman 2 were ****ed up but I was using that phrase in the sense that disguises were really hard to use not that they sucked.

also you should read what the trolls are saying in this board it's all about not being able to complete the easy "get to point A to point B sections".
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User Info: I_love_to_lol_

5 years ago#22
In any case IO already announced that they are releasing a patch for disguises, so I guess the whiners got what they wanted

User Info: MrTr0llz

5 years ago#23
LeoN_MagnuZ posted...
I mean seriously you people complain about the disguise system? did you guys ever played Hitman 2? now that game had a ****ed up disguise system, actually it was like absolution but without cover button or instinct YEAH imagine that ****!

I think its more like people don't understand the disguise system. Most people who complain about the the disguise system I would say have unrealistic expectations on what you can do with it.

Ex IF you take a cop uniform just like in real life cops know who they show up with and if they don't recognize you then its realistic for you get spotted easily. I will admit maybe they could increase the window that it takes to get recognized but other then that if you pick the right disguise for the area you are in you basically have free access to most of the level.

EX Take Water park Hotel. You can dress as a guard and other guards will be suspicious but if you dress up as a janitor since they aren't roaming all over the hotel you have easier access to the areas you need to go in order to override the eye retina scanner. There is just one room you have to time the guards movements right but other then that if wearing the janitor suit it's a cake walk up the elevator.

User Info: _Moron_

5 years ago#24
still defending the flawed disguise system I see. you nerds are fighting a losing battle because we 'whiners' outnumber you 10 to 1.
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User Info: TehMojodogs

5 years ago#25
^You got that backwards.
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User Info: violentdissmay

5 years ago#26
To me this game felt to much like a shooter and less like a stealth game. And for some reason it reminded me very strongly of Max Payne 3.
Its extremely rare that I turn down the difficulty, but I had to do easy on this because the enemies felt to relentless, or too smart etc..this game would be one of the...lest than 5 I had to turn the difficulty down on.
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User Info: Video_Game_Czar

5 years ago#27
This is one of the reasons I keep coming to GameFAQs, The old "defending my purchase" topic. They were cute back in 1999...Now, They're just sad.

And I love how you bring up Hitman 2...You know, a game that was released TEN YEARS AGO and the system still leaves much to be desired a decade later. I know, It's super realistic for people to see out of the back of their heads.

I know we're dealing some real bad asses too in the game. Meth heads, rent-a-cops, backwoods drop outs and normal beat cops...I know they all get god like training and have Dare Devil-like heightened senses.

There are problems with the game...Deal with it...Not my fault you guys can only buy two or three games a year and THEN feel the need to defend them like a real person on the internet.
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User Info: JessofBlades

5 years ago#28
From: MlCKHEAD | #020

What how could that police officer be suspicious just because he has never seen me before and is on the lookout for who ever killed his friend 10 minutes ago and stripped him of his clothing for a reason that could not possibly relate to me looking like that one psychopathic bald assassin clone guy?

I am innocent!

It's so obvious all 5043 street vendors in chinatown know each other and also know in advance if any new blood is coming into the street vendor scene. You guys are just wimps.

also Hitman 2 is the worst Hitman I've completed to date just because of its busted ass disguises and psychic enemies. maybe it'll have competition once i bother finishing this one.
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User Info: DrNewcenstein

5 years ago#29
I suck at this game, but I think it rocks. Yesh there were a few times where I had to go through as a stark-raving homicidal lunatic killing anything on the radar, but that's what I like about this game: you have that choice.

Only thing I don't like is the "infinitely-respawning backup guys". I mean, yeah, there's lots of cops, and lots of security personnel, but give a murdering psychopath a break, willya? lol

I thought the disguise aspect worked like it should work: "I know the people I work with, so here's a new guy I've never seen before doing the job - ummm, I dunno, seems suspicious maybe? Especially since we got advance word of some bald guy coming to kill us all?"

However, if you're wearing a full facemask/cover, you should blend in unless you do something blatant that screams "I'm not from around here", like walking into the secured area well above your clearance level, since it's painfully obvious that you would have been made aware of that info the first day you got the gig.

I would like to see realistic time-passage, though. Those two civs behind the courthouse were there ALL DAY. As a matter of fact, so was the day! But then they'd want to throw in timers, and I hate timers.

But then again, I'd also like to see an open world without the invisible barriers. If I want to walk across the desert and see absolutely nothing but desert, lemme at it.
And if I think I can get past all the guards more easily by climbing up some rocks Skyrim-style, then yeah, I want to exercise that option. So I miss some interaction the devs wanted me to have? Boo frikkin hoo.
Everyone has a price. And a pain threshold.

User Info: Wraithlike

5 years ago#30
gannon69 posted...
Not liking a flawed system doesn't mean we don't know how to adapt towards it.

My biggest peeve is the lack of traditional missions.

Exactly. Way too many missions without actual targets.
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  3. When you say "I hate this game" I hear "I suck at this game".

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