notebook in the Shaving Lenny

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User Info: thormihai28

4 years ago#1
notebook in the Shaving Lenny,where is it?

User Info: Gatekeeper999

4 years ago#2
On top of the television set inside the first floor of the barbershop.

User Info: TheGazatron

4 years ago#3
Thats the evidence, not the notebook shown in the Lost and Found after mission report

The notebook seems very elusive as much as the 'angel of death part 2 and 3' details

I've emailed IO directly but to no avail
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User Info: PhoenixUltima

4 years ago#4
I googled around a bit, and came up with a thread on asking the same question. One person contacted IO directly and got a response:

"Sorry, I'm kinda busy at the moment as you may imagine. As I understand it, currently the notebook is trapped in the geometry. I don't believe it will be fixed but Travis is investigating."

Yyyyyyyyep. Good QA job, guys! Top notch!

(thread is here if you want to read it for yourself: )
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