Terminus Hotel, why wouldn't 47 bring a silenced weapon?

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  3. Terminus Hotel, why wouldn't 47 bring a silenced weapon?

User Info: RyanJMcD

5 years ago#1
In other Hitman games you could actualy choose your loadout. Want to sneak in a hotel with just fiberwire, thats fine. Want to walk in there like Neo into the lobby with guns in every pocket, that's cool too.

So I guess I can deal with having an assigned loadout, but why would 47 show up at a hotel full of gangsters with only a 6 shot revolver and no extra ammo? You would think a professional would always carry a silenced weapon?
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User Info: kevo_penguin

5 years ago#2
Beats me haha.

I hate how customized weapons are for contract mode only.

Wasted so much time earning money and buying upgrades to only realize that after.
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User Info: JustArtificial

5 years ago#3
Professionals need only their body to kill. 47 is more than capable of killing everyone at the hotel with all that is provided through improvisation.

Also, again (too many people have pointed this out), he is on the run. The Agency is after him, so how can he get weapons from them? I grow tired of this.

User Info: DrNewcenstein

5 years ago#4
You gave your Silverballers to Birdie. However, why would you have them in Chinatown, but not Terminus?
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User Info: Agent_Ace

5 years ago#5
47 trades his entire weapons cache to Birdie, remember?

User Info: ApolloCreed

5 years ago#6
"Terminus Hotel, why wouldn't 47 bring a silenced weapon?" In other Hitman games you could actually choose your loadout.

The same reason that the game is no longer a Contract Killer strategy-sim... Because this is a Hitman game in name only.
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User Info: KillerSlaw

5 years ago#7
1. 47 had no real target during Terminus. He was simply trying to find answers.
2. He gave his Silverballers to Birdie to get the information.
3. Why would he even need a firearm when he has Fiber Wire?
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  3. Terminus Hotel, why wouldn't 47 bring a silenced weapon?

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