Wait... $10,000,000? -spoilers-

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  3. Wait... $10,000,000? -spoilers-

User Info: Neonivek

4 years ago#21
"when has hitman EVER had great writing?"

Isn't it pretty much a staple of what is known as a "Excuse plot"?

User Info: FaDRain

4 years ago#22
Dexter has a massive surface facility, a huge underground facility, a load of scientists, a sizable army, a town more or less in his pocket and a big penthouse. And the bribes, yeah...there is no way he gets anything done without bribes.

It is entirely within the realms of possibility that most of what he makes gets fed back into his company, his army, his illegal stuff and paying people off.

User Info: BiggyDX

4 years ago#23
I was wondering what that odd feeling I was getting I was getting when this scene was playing was about. He should have made an offer of at least $400M.
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User Info: Cobra1010

4 years ago#24
He wasnt going to give victoria to the agency and it was difficult enough for the agency to give up 10mill. I think hes just gonna keep fishing money with victoria with bargain deals to make people fall for it.
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User Info: SFAwesomeSauce

4 years ago#25
ApolloCreed posted...
i wouldn't say it has bad writing

Really...? You'd say this game has great writing...?

Try again WITHOUT cramming words into people's mouths.
I see you in like, every thread just being an ass hat to everyone that doesn't have your point of view
Don't like the game? Go play something else or go jerk off and leave us alone.
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  3. Wait... $10,000,000? -spoilers-

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