Angel of Death Part 2

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User Info: MifuneZero

5 years ago#1
DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO DO THIS? I am losing my mind trying to figure this out, and it seems the collective internet still hasn't cracked this code (that is unless it is both bugged, and the most difficult and lengthy challenge in the game at level 2 of 3). If anyone sees this and knows, PLEASE HELP. If not, anyone is interested in shooting around ideas or listing what they have attempted that would be great.

What I am working with:
1) It is the second challenge, the first part required two accidental kills with a clue of "what a waste". That required emptying the gasoline in the reception area and blowing up two sisters simultaneously (although it appears according to other users, it can also be done by performing two accidental deaths regardless of type/location)

2) Angel of Death Part 2 has the same image as part 1, a nun, with a clue of "like a hand of God" which leads me to believe it is either weapon based or more accidents. The only issue, the third sister in the cornfields seems to be impervious to accidental deaths, although her rounding that giant electrical tower that seems ripe for explosion does seem curious. If someone can tell me if they were able to kill her with accidental means, then theoretically it would be possible to do a run where: you shove one over the ledge, poison another, blow up two more, drop a cargo load in the cornfields, and electrocute the other.

Sorry that was so lengthy, but this is driving mad. If anyone can offer any insight at all, that would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: CyberneticRat

5 years ago#2
I am positive it has something to do with accidents. An Angel of Death doesn't directly kill someone but kills them indirectly so maybe you have to kill all by accident.
Proud Supporter of The Wonderbolts

User Info: MifuneZero

5 years ago#3
Yeah, I'm thinking it is either all accidental, something truly gigantic (power like the hand of God) or maybe I am looking at this completely wrong, and like the drug dealer in "The King of Chinatown" mission, it has nothing to do with the saints and everything to do with the civilians. The only reason I think that is because the phrase "Hand of God" typically refers to correcting guaranteed death.

The route the third saint takes in the cornfields walking right by that giant electrical's almost as if the there should be an ability to sabotage it and cause a bolt of lightning to come out of the sky...blugh. I'm gonna take some explosives and see if I can mess with that thing.

User Info: odin4905

5 years ago#4
I'm thinking it might just mean use bare hands for kills, since it says "like a hand of god" hands, get it?

Maybe not. Whatever it means, I'm almost 100 percent sure it is for kills on the saints, not the other soldiers, because the picture is of a saint.

Wouldn't be the only thing that doesn't make sense in this game if I'm wrong, however.

I'm also thinking maybe it means to kill several saints at once, maybe with one accident or with point shooting. Flimsy though, since you can only do this to the first 4 saints, and the ones in the cornfield would be MUCH too hard to group together for me to think they'd do that for a challenge.

As for the Part 3, "Get down and dirty" doesn't give me a clue. The only thing I could think is putting them in the grinder after they are dead, because the act of grinding up a human is an unclean act, I GUESS. IDK.

The fact that this clue doesn't seem to relate to anything in the level makes me believe they aren't clues at all, but random statements coming from the idea of saints, nuns or perverted thoughts since they all dress like they do.

Hand of god could just be relating to fact that you are killing saints, and not give a clue at all as to how. BAH who knows.
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