Corrupt Saves?

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User Info: MurphX2100

4 years ago#21
So you have to back up your save how often, after every cutscene?

User Info: theos666

4 years ago#22
epicfailtryhard posted...
theos666 posted...
Just copy your save to the cloud after you are done with your session.

Go to Settings, System, Storage, Hard Drive, Hitman Absolution, Copy, Cloud Saved Games.

Obviously, Go to Settings, System, Storage, Cloud Saved Games, Hitman Absolution, Copy, Hard Drive to get it back.

thank you. :)

No problem.
Rule 2, ignore rule 1.

User Info: JuttUltra

4 years ago#23
Happened to me today.

At the Fight Night level, which I presume is half way through ( ish ).

Enjoying up till that point.

Can't see it getting played in the near future!

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