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User Info: randomdude360

4 years ago#1
Despite Hitman being in top top 3 gaming franchises of all time I took a lot of time off of gaming for college, and only just back into it with absolution. I played blood money TO DEATH and did just about every conceivable thing with each level. Many times.

PROS: I like the visuals, the animations are gorgeous and so befitting of the kind of agent 47 is, the close combat is uninspired but gets by for improving, and not being a major part of playstyle, The point-shooting ability (though I havent gone guns blazing with it yet) is cool, and the better implementation of using random objects as distractions works well. Most games that use distractions don't actually insist on you using it, but here they serve a purpose. Oh yes, and the cover system comes in handy.

CONS: The game is significantly harder. Patrols are too dense, cover gets blown very easily. This makes for a more realistic experience, but also means the gameplay is reduced almost entirely to skulking behind low walls. This is not the soul of the hitman series. The levels do not give you that much choice this time around, and often you WILL have to dodge and roll your way through that scrapyard etc no matter what to get to your target. This is too much down the path of the pure stealth 'em up. for my liking. It rewards deep reserves of patience (not my strong point) rather than the creativity that blood money seemed to.

An example:

Every new level on Hitman blood money triggered a new kind of excitement. A feeling of "Woah! Look at this place! I cant wait to get lost in here!"

Many of the levels on Absolution (I am currently at the beginning of the factory level) make me look once and the low walls, crates and patrols everywhere and think "**** that..." not this again...

Oh and one more thing. What is it with Chinatown and rednecks? Haven't they been done already?
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User Info: Gobey6

4 years ago#2
It's a mix of things in this game... I for one love it but yes the campaign is unevenly structured with good and not so good levels...

But levels like king of Chinatown, vixen club, Chinese new year, streets of hope, barbershop, test facility, r&d lab, cornfield, black water park, these levels feel like hitman to me...

And some of the filler levels become excellent playgrounds in
contracts mode such as the courthouse, the factory entrance, the shower area, and the gunshop...
contracts mode is about all I play now and I can't put it down...

I understand why some of the fans like this one less but I think hating it is unwarranted...

Then again after replaying the HD trilogy I've decided blood money is actually my least favorite and absolution and hitman 2 are my favorites... Maybe I'm an odd example of the hitman fanbase... I do love all the games tho...
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User Info: git2thechoppa

4 years ago#3
randomdude360 posted...
Despite Hitman being in top top 3 gaming franchises of all time

I love it when an article or speech starts by bringing an elephant in the room.
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  3. Opinion of a Johnny-come-lately on this game...

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