Why is Dexter so obsessed over 10 Million dollars...?

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  3. Why is Dexter so obsessed over 10 Million dollars...?

User Info: Spawngoat

4 years ago#11
DrNewcenstein posted...
If you listen to his conversation with Layla before you crawl in the vent to get beat up by Sanchez, she says they're low on cash, and he talks about how Victoria's their cash cow. Presumably the $10 mil is just to fund the initial research (i.e. payroll and post-it notes), with the larger payoff coming later when they sell the data to various governments.

Even then it seems cheap. I mean, why not $100 mil?
Are IOI still in Eastern Europe under a currency that is worth so much less than the USD?

Probably feared he was pushing his luck. Travis is desperate but if Dexter asks for too much Travis could just send in a team to get her back by force.
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User Info: Xbox-36O

4 years ago#12
randomdude360 posted...
Its weird right? The plot is so simple and yet so bad. It makes me think that any of us could probably have written a better plot on a cereal box, and they had a whole team being paid to work on it.


*Cutscene where Victoria 'switches on' and kills like 10 special forces I thought that some kind of twist might happen with her becoming some kind of unstoppable assassin. But then its back to 'rescue the innocent school girl. Typical Japanese storywriting!

i dont think this game was japanese (if you were inferring as such)

User Info: Chrizillaa

4 years ago#13
It's probably greed and the fact that 47 is always one step ahead of him, it obviously drove him mad.

User Info: CaffeineSnorter

4 years ago#14
This is why. 10 million is chump change.

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User Info: Ace77765

4 years ago#15
You can also look at this in the realistic perspective. People who are in the billions, they see the chance of adding another 10 million as every bit worth it as it would be losing a $5 bet. It just isn't conceivable but it is true. They don't want to lose any money, ANY. That's how things are when you reach that "level" in society? sucks
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  3. Why is Dexter so obsessed over 10 Million dollars...?

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