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User Info: sanidada

4 years ago#1
ive jus come back to this havin played halfway through after two months, got a new patch, read the notes, it says high scores are selected from all difficulty levels, could someone explain that plz, does that mean if i keep playin on purists with suit only no kill no alert run, ill get a higher score then someone who done the same on a lower difficulty

User Info: Shellman704

4 years ago#2
Yes... if you go and press the back button (select button) during gameplay and RB/LB it until u r in the challenge section you will see the score mulitplier. For instance, Normal = +25% and Hard =+50% also each challenge completed adds another +5% to score multiplier for the level that challenge was unlocked on, so someone with all challenges unlocked on a certain level will get a higher score than someone with half unlocked...
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