Why all the hate on this game?

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User Info: XImperialDragon

4 years ago#31
I dunno, I'm enjoying the game well enough. I've played Silent Assassin and Blood Money, got Absolution and, aside from the disguise system, have been enjoying it greatly.

Getting dropped into an area and having to figure out what to do/restart over and over again was cute the first couple times, but it just got tiring after a while. I do like the fact that there's more direction this time around. Sure, it would have been nice had there been just a mode for Blood Money style play outside of the campaign (I don't feel Contracts really scratches that itch), but for the campaign I actually liked the little bits of hand-holding they did (objects of note showing up yellow when using instinct, seeing foes through walls, etc), I find that it's too time intensive for me otherwise since I work all day.
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User Info: DRzCalderon

4 years ago#32
I'm on the same negative boat that most Hitman loyalists drowned from due to it's poor executive manner of playing like a traditional Hitman game.

The game is pretty and the animations are fluid. But that's it. Everything else falls so out of place as a Hitman game. Almost Just as how RE6 did compared to it's traditional roots.

Linear levels.
Lack of targets.
Penalization issued to players preference of approach towards missions.
Unremovable score modifier
Checkpoint system
Uncomfortable A.I
Lack of weapon loadout through missions.

Agent 47 being...sentimental? It's like giving each block in tetris a personality in order to create a story. Kidding me right?
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User Info: UndertakrRIP

4 years ago#33
From: BodeciaBust | #027
People are always going to praise. They can do so comfortably from the comfort of their computer keyboard and cry when someone has a different opinion.

except that doesn't apply since I never praised the game.
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User Info: TrulyEpicLawls

4 years ago#34
UndertakrRIP posted...
From: BodeciaBust | #027
People are always going to praise. They can do so comfortably from the comfort of their computer keyboard and cry when someone has a different opinion.

except that doesn't apply since I never praised the game.

Little late to be posting a reply, don't ya think? Let alone one that misses the point.
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User Info: urugamer55

4 years ago#35
The fans will say if this game its hitman or not, not even the company, u know why?
because maybe a company (square enix) bought the rights of the name of a epic game (hitman and deus ex) and try release quick just for sell a acceptable version that not even look like the series.
Both games hitman and deus ex are acceptables, and even more for a guy that dont know the series, but to tthe fans are not even dissapointing, there are a complete mess.

And not come to tell me now this changes are for the new gen of games, graphincs and bla bla bla, that is not an excuse to not made it properly. Im a fan of deus ex 1 of the year of the 2000!!! and hitman blood money and i know as many fans this games are a complete mess and for sure the company will suffer it later because at least the fans will not trust on them anymore. I just see it like if the company just took the names of this 2 awsome games to sell a barely adequate or good game for the people that dont know the superior old series.

User Info: BodeciaBust

4 years ago#36
UndertakrRIP posted...
From: BodeciaBust | #027
People are always going to praise. They can do so comfortably from the comfort of their computer keyboard and cry when someone has a different opinion.

except that doesn't apply since I never praised the game.

I'm baffled by the logic of today's sheep. How does it not apply? Where did I say you praised the game? Why did you even bother to tell me this a month on? Go back to your menial job.
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User Info: presea_lover

4 years ago#37
I got really bored with this game after a few weeks and stopped playing it. Even taken as a game in its own right, outside of the Hitman series (in the vein of SC: Conviction) it is inferior to Conviction. Conviction has superior movement controls, a better way of determining if you are going to be spotted, levels that allow for more stealthy takedowns (even if it now requires killing) and a much more interesting story.

In general, it's the sloppiness of the design that sucks the fun out. I feel like I'm exploiting stupid AI rather than mastering a legitimate challenge. Stealing fugu fish is stupid, I wait for the cook to turn around for a second and I go steal it, but there's another guy right there. Right there! And he doesn't see me because he's programmed not to see me. But... He would in real life! He would in an older Hitman game! And what about the crowd? They see me too! That's the sort of thing I'm talking about. The game lacks logical design, and instead has very obvious "video gamey" design. The way the stealth mechanics work is probably the most obvious example.
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User Info: Punda_Prime

4 years ago#38
The way people see through disguises all the time reminds me a lot of Hitman 2, when all the guards would go berserk if they caught you running or hung near them a milisecond too long. The way you have to find poison around the level instead of starting with it is also very Hitman 2ish. Overall the game would have been fine as a sequel to hitman 2, but as a sequel to Absolution it falls a little short of expectations.
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User Info: xReaps

4 years ago#39
awpdawhales posted...
Kid Maze posted...
...the story was better then most... And I can't for the life of me understand why people say its bad (granted its not perfect) or doesn't feel like a Hitman game. It most certainly does.

Just from memory, there were no targets, where you could choose how to kill them, in 85% of the missions. That "feels" like a Hitman game?

I feel like people are justifying their affection for this game when they say things like this. I hated this game, but if you like, good for you. I loathe the fact that a company can buy the rights to my favorite game and change everything to make it some other game. If it were called Kane and Lynch Absolution, or Splinter Cell Absolution, I would have no problem with the game. But they have sullied the good name of Agent 47 with this garbage installment.

At it's heart, a Hitman game should be a open level, simulation assassination game. That's what it always was, and those games were great. Absolution is more linear, more story driven, more action-packed oriented, and more arcadey. If you like those things, cool, but don't tell me this is a Hitman game because it is not.

LOL. The game is the same as the other ones. Revisionist history

User Info: mdl5000

4 years ago#40
My biggest gripe is the enemy detection system. Rather than tell you how well hidden you are (done brilliantly in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, with both a light and sound meter), it tells you how well the enemy can see you. It's a subtle difference, but it gives a false sense of security when taking cover, cover being a huge part of the game and a major change from previous installments. At one moment you're hiding behind a corner from guard 1, but guard 2 on a faraway platform eventually notices you and raises the alarm. This is fine for some other action games where enemies usually come at you from the front and you have to take cover to get rid of them. But when you sneak past them, it's always tough to unstick yourself a wall and scurry around like a rat trying to hide.

The other problems (few checkpoints, no load-out screen, broken-up levels) stem from the story and how it's presented more than they are gameplay decisions in and of themselves. So I can't fault the game for that. It's a game in an era where scripted action scenes are quickly becoming the norm. Each "room" is like a chapter of a story, with set pieces and dialogue. I don't love them, but I appreciate what the game was trying to do.

The whole series has a reputation for being good in some spots and bad in others, but I do believe it is gradually getting better. And let's not forget that people have short memories about Blood Money: "the death-by-accident system is corny", "enemies in combat are no better than Hitman 2", "the notoriety and bribery mechanic feels tacked on", etc. Just a few of the criticisms I remember.
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