Any word from the Dev's on the corrupt saves?

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  3. Any word from the Dev's on the corrupt saves?

User Info: AmfmEsjal

4 years ago#1
Happened to me twice, first time i felt unlucky, i don't usually google stuff, so i started over,

on normal other then purist since i wanted to breeze to get to where i was at.

so it froze on me again, lost my save again, and that warranted a google search

so i found this is a common problem,

well i was at Fight Night this time...

and i have to say this put me off big time, i don't feel like playing the same game 3 times

plus having to dashboard out to backup my save every other mission

so i was wondering if there's a fix coming or something like that?

it's gamebreaking if you ask me and removes all replay value unless you have the will to back stuff up every 20 minutes...

guess i'll pick up the HD collection :/

User Info: epicfailtryhard

4 years ago#2
I agree...that and the whole idea of disguises working being a farce made me put this down. I want to play it but I just can't. trilogy for me too.
"i'm as helpful as i want to be and as caustic as i have to's survival out here."-me

User Info: daniel79

4 years ago#3
This crap game came out nigh on six months ago and there is still no sign of a fix i'm affraid. Get the HD collection and try and forget this abysmal dog turd ever existed..
It is an embarrassment that this problem is still happening. Square Enix should be ashamed of themselves. It's one thing to have small glitches like clipping, but this is a game breaking bug. It would be like purchasing a new car only to have the steering wheel fall off when you take a right turn. How isn't this a first priority for the developer? It came out 5 months ago and we're still having this problem. I got it last night after saving Run For Your Life. Loaded up the game just now and my save is corrupt AGAIN.

Seriously, Square Enix, this is what kept me from buying Tomb Raider. I refuse to give my money to a developer who doesn't seem to give a damn.
The April 2011 PSN Break-In is proof that fanboys will forgive anything.
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  3. Any word from the Dev's on the corrupt saves?

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