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User Info: IPlayDropC

4 years ago#1
If anybody wants to go for all the online/boosting $1 million achievement add me.

My gamertag is Reapers Crue
The Kool-Aid man was a key witness.

User Info: Galaxy_Heel

4 years ago#2
I'm adding you.
Currently playing: Halo 4, Red Alert 3, and FIFA 12

User Info: oldgloryinsuran

4 years ago#3
I want to do it too.

Tag: osakamitsu
Wii Signature: SGS --- 7989 7305 4207 9854
Xbox Live Gamer tag: osakamitsu

User Info: Coolkid588

4 years ago#4
Can somebody here also do a contract competition?
Xbox live name: hOsTiLe GuPpY
PSN: DiscoBandit126

User Info: D1421

4 years ago#5
Set for Life achievement, like others, I need help with this. We can help each other as well. Inbox me if you're interested and I'll post my live ID.
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  3. Online achievements....

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