Thats it im done with this game, snapping it in half right now

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  3. Thats it im done with this game, snapping it in half right now

User Info: karnage87

4 years ago#41
Library - All sneaking - I went Balcony to ground on the left side, back to balcony with the movable staircase.

Rooftops - Sneaking again, get past the helicopter by using cover (simply hiding behind it doesn work)

Shangri-La - this was lotsa of fun for me. I went left as I came in to the room with the guy sat with a bong. the cops talk to him and then go to a position you can sneak past. There is a cop talking to a guy at his door when you pass - throw something near him to distract him and sneak in the room, around the far side to put on some music where the cops come in for a dance party - back out that same door you go and beeline for the elevator.

Train Station - Move through the crowd, stopping still when you raise suspicion. Go trackside and there is a ledge you can shimmy out on to a window into the conductors office - climb a ladder and you can click a button to activate platform B. There was a guy up there (not a guard) I hid in the box but I dont know if he would have been alerted even if I hadn't. With the switch activated leave the door in the same room as the switch and youll be on the overpass - make your way to platform B blending with the crowds still.

Whole thing was done with no spots and no costume changes - on Normal so nothing special, but if TC is struggling hopefully this can give him some help.
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User Info: Fenixx

4 years ago#42
I just did this whole level so now I actually know what TC is talking about. The problem is you're trying to go up the stairs. You're supposed to go to the control room. I went through this level from library to the train with no costume changes, no detections, no killing or subduing anyone, all on my first try. It was pretty simple actually. Was a good pure stealth level.
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User Info: mattw705

4 years ago#43
This is where people are missing the fun of the Hitman's all trial and error. You said you couldn't get past the cops in the train station, but have you searched the area or tried the same failed formula over and over again?

On platform A, walk along the edge of the track. You will find an open window, climb inside and climb the ladder to the platform B control room. Activate the controls, sneak by or take out the guy on the phone, then walk out the door onto platform B. To avoid the cops on platform B while the train arrives, walk to the farthest end and stand in the corner.

You can't just run and gun with the cops. This took me several tries to figure out, but no where near 40 (I think you're exaggerating)

User Info: MiLO_zz

4 years ago#44
The cops spotted me in the crowd in the last moment just as the train was arriving. I grabbed one of them as a hostage, knocked him out and rushed to the train's door. Cops started shooting from automatic weapons all over the place hitting me and civilians. I barely made it out, but it was ridiculous. The train left as they were still blazing guns in the cutscene.
That was the only absurd AI behaivor I've encountered so far.

User Info: ilikefords

4 years ago#45
Kamanick posted...
squon8888 posted...
im on easy and tried over 40 times

You should probably just snap your neck in half instead.

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User Info: jasomramirez666

4 years ago#46
this game is too easy! why people hating? people have been dumbed down by CoD so i guess a game that is not CoD easy simply sucks LOL TC must be a 12 yr old

User Info: MetallicaOpeth

4 years ago#47
the train platforms were definitely causing me an issue, but the thing is you seem to want to go straight up the stairs on platform A to the overpass in clear vision, you definitely can't do this on harder difficulties.

go to where the vendor sells tickets and snoop around ;)

User Info: Copyright2011

4 years ago#48
when you try your best and you dont succeed....
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  3. Thats it im done with this game, snapping it in half right now

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