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User Info: Fenixx

4 years ago#1
I made it up to this level tonight. Was exploring around, checking out the pictures on the walls, watching the dances on stage, etc. I was thinking to myself that the Vixen Club is my new favorite area in a game. Then I went back into the private dance area and walked past the stripper that was hanging out back there, and she said "I'm actually a dude. See this hair on my lip?"

I don't like the Vixen Club anymore... =(
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User Info: mackaque

4 years ago#2
LOL I would play with her whistle if she played with mine. Its like that saying, " you scratch my back if you scractch mine." Hopefully thats the right saying if no I pulled a George Bush.

User Info: Kanadian_Keith

4 years ago#3
It actually makes sense as to when I was walking by a bodyguard, he said "nice bulge". O.o
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User Info: qwertyMrJINX

4 years ago#4
:o I didn't know that...

...The Vixen Club is AWESOME!
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User Info: doraemonllh1989

4 years ago#5
A bunch of fake boobs:/
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