How many missions are actually assassinations?

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  3. How many missions are actually assassinations?

User Info: Solid_Snake325

5 years ago#1
In which you choose how to kill the selected target(s)? Not including missions where the assassination goes to an automatic cutscene (ex. Diana).

User Info: LukeStrife5

5 years ago#2
I wanna say like 3/4th?

User Info: James Mason

James Mason
5 years ago#3
Hard to tell... Depends on how you look at things.

Let's say a level is divided into 4 Parts... The first three being sneaking and approaching , then the last part has you kill 3 targets...

Do you consider only the last part ot be an assasination ? Do you consider the last part to be 3 assasinations ? Do you consider the approach parts/escape parts to be devoid of assasinations ? If the kill occurs in a cutscene, is it still an assasination ? Likewise, if a mission like Attack of the Saints have you kill like 8 targets in a quick succession, does this end up evening up for the levels where you kill no one ?

To me , a "Level" is the sum of each parts... With that way of looking at things, most levels have at least one assasination going on... Although there are sneaking segments without any mandatory kill. I also don't really care about not killing targets for two reasons :

1 - I can kill pretty much anyone I want anyways... So if I feel like killing any random guy, I can.
2 - If I absolutely want to have targets in every single part of the game, I can play or create custom contracts... So who cares if there's no target in that particular part... Just make a contract and choose a cool target...
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  3. How many missions are actually assassinations?

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