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User Info: jaspercreel87

4 years ago#1
What's it like for y'all to play the older games after this? For me, I missed the feel of the older ones. I never really got that "perfect hit" feeling from Absolution like I did with SA and Contracts. I mean, the older ones did suffer from some twitchy AI and a few horrendously designed levels (Hidden Valley), but there were enough great moments to offset the missteps. I like the sandbox feel to the different levels, something I wished would have carried over.

User Info: Airborne6176

4 years ago#2
"The mind is like a parachute, it only works if it's open."

User Info: AzureVergil

4 years ago#3
I am having much much more fun than this.

In Absolution, there not a single part that guards will search you if you have guns on you.

User Info: Gobey6

4 years ago#4
While I know absolution is different... I think it's still an excellent game and a good entry of the franchise...

Contracts mode alone allows me to imagine and try to create those perfect hits...

Buy upon replaying the older ones I rediscovered or perhaps really discovered for the first time what brilliant games these were...
after playing through all of them I actually re structured my list of favorite hitman games...

I think my favorites are absolution and hitman 2 silent assassin which used to be my least favorite... But that game is so content packed and well paced... Aside from those last three Japan levels..

Contracts is my second favorite if only because I think traditions of the trade may be my favorite and most playable hitman level ever....

And blood money is actually my least favorite of the bunch... Not to be confused with not liking it... I love this whole series

I'm glad I can now visit any hit I want and have so many awesome stealth sandboxes to play in across 4 games
"You're never too young to have a Vietnam flashback." --- Gamertag: Gobey6

User Info: jaspercreel87

4 years ago#5
Absolution is definitely a fun game. If I didn't have the older games to compare it too I'd probably like it more.

My favorite is definitely Contracts. The missions are almost all fun and some of the bugs from SA are ironed out. SA is packed full but it felt bloated to me at times due to some not so stellar levels. I haven't finished blood money yet but that might end up being my faveorite once I'm done.

User Info: DrRockso87

4 years ago#6
I remember being incredibly hyped for this game but unfortunately, I still haven't advanced passed the library mission yet. I just can't stand the horrible disguise system. Did IO Interactive release a patch?

Picked up the HD collection though and played through all three games (twice) so far. Love all three. I'll admit Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is very dated but honestly I found it better than Hitman: Absolution. Never had a problem with the disguise system in that game and I played on Professional.

The controls and graphics though for Hitman: Absolution are the best so far but I didn't like how much freedom they removed and how different the gameplay between the three other titles compared to this game are.

User Info: Hades192

4 years ago#7
Absolution is my first Hitman game and love it.

Picked up the HD Collection and only playing Blood Money, completing up to "Flat Line" (mission 5) many of the Vets complaints were brought to light and valid.

As it was mentioned; getting frisked by cops/guards added an immersion element that Absolution failed to give me.

Hiding your gun in a crate (tutorial), or in a toolbox to get past security did the same.

I skip cutscenes so I appreciate the briefing and "plotted" points to give an idea of the contract.

The coin toss is terrible! Lol. Absolution nailed fluid movement around the environments but it didn't have that "I'ma Hitman" feel, not like I got from blood money.

Absolution is preferred but hopefully they'll add more of those elements; especially now that they have a foundation to build upon.
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