What Kind of Stages Would You Like to See in a Next Gen Hitman?

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User Info: RPGZero

4 years ago#1
One of the biggest tragedies of this game is what a missed opportunity it was. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin tried to be ambitious with huge cities like St. Petersburg, yet, at the time couldn't handle full populations roaming the streets. As time went on, games tried harder with Blood Money having a full blown Mardi Gras celebration but even then something felt limited about it due to the PS2's limits. Now, on a next gen system, I feel as if they can take what Hitman was always trying to do in creating gigantic areas full of people and full of life while creating complicated assassination experiences.

With that said ,what kind of highly populated areas and situations do you feel could look amazing on a next gen system?

-Today, I was thinking about a full blown football stadium. One with a game going on, a packed crowd, and vibrant back stage areas. And the target could be a player who is on the field. An interesting solution could be to somehow ascertain a player's outfit and try to somehow kill the target on the field. Or another, possibly noisier solution, would be to somehow get your hands on a referee outfit, spike a football with a RP mine, and then during halftime replace the football with the spiked ball.

-Another interesting scenario could be a sort of twist: Agent 47 is given a run-of-the mill assassination to kill some big shot in a condo. Easy, right? Suddenly, a chain fire breaks out in the condo and half the block. Diana tells you that you MUST under all circumstances confirm the death of the target - nothing can be left to chance. The buildings are now, of course, surrounded by firefighters and policeman and you have to somehow get inside and make sure the target dies in the fire. And of course, in typical Hitman fashion, if you take too long, the firefighters will eventually save the target and he will end up being taken to an area where he's surrounded by possible witnesses making it even harder to close in and kill him. I feel like a mission of this ambition - raging fires, tons of firemen and police, crowds around police lines, and other complexities wouldn't have looked as good on the PS2, but would be a great way for the PS3 to show off its power.

Any other ideas?
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User Info: TrulyEpicLawls

4 years ago#2
Public areas and houses are the most revered missions in the franchise, no matter which game, so it should be clear now what 85%< of new games' missions should involve.

It's probably impossible to make AI move like real life rather than in a cycle of set paths, but if you can do that you're also on to a winner. Target and others won't wander aimlessly back and forth, standing silently in one spot every now and then, and go to the toilet every minute.
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User Info: billyjeanmurder

4 years ago#3
I'd like to see Hitman go back to assassinations outside of the U.S. maybe a kind of prequel stage in a war torn Bosnia having to take out someone responsible for an ethnic cleansing or South Africa. I'd also like to see the grindhouse characters toned down a bit. I know there's only so much realism you can attempt in a game that has a cloned emotionless killer but absolution felt like hobo with a shotgun to me.

User Info: vivalatour

4 years ago#4
more using the the surrounding area to cause accidental casualties , maybe kind of like puzzles that link to assassination although there were counter actions that could be used this game seemed to ( I can't find the right description ) for it ? don't quite know what I expected , but , this was not it ! jason bourne is my hero !

User Info: Captain_Sexy_T

4 years ago#5
Hot summer day at Santa Monica (CA) Pier. That's the place Rocket Power was kinda based on, if you're unfamiliar with the place. Half theme park and half beach, tons of people. Could be a fun, kinda goofy mission. Get a target out of the water by rigging a remote control boat with a fake shark fin, or wear the fin and pretend you're a shark (haven't fully thought that one through). Snipe someone while on the ferris wheel. Use a carnival worker disguise and tamper with a roller coaster for some unnecessary carnage. Poison a contestant's plate at an eating contest. So many options.
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User Info: good_tobi

4 years ago#6
I like Hitman absolution stages and environment and have to say its the best yet but the gameplay totally let me down esp THIS INSTINCT mode.
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User Info: 1Y2i3m0d

4 years ago#7
Wow, there are some ridiculously good ideas in this. TC's football stadium idea would be one of the most memorable video game levels ever. You could even steal the disguise of a first aid doctor which allows you to roam into the locker rooms/showers.

Absolution's levels were OK but I see your point. They felt slightly similar every time. They need to go foreign once again, putting you in unique environments around the world. A tropical village one (reminiscent of the tribe level in Codename 47) would be cool as well. Maybe even a busy rock concert. A shopping mall. TV studio. Cinema. Theme park. Construction site. Possibilities really are endless.

But for them to work they need to tweak the gameplay a little bit. First of all disguises which cover your face (helmets, masks etc) should void you of getting noticed as an impostor. And they need to revert some of the levels back to the classic style where you play it all at once instead of breaking it down into bit-sized sections and checkpoints. Not all levels, but some. I'd also like to see a life feature put in again, where you can only restart from the checkpoint or die a certain number of times until you need to do the level from scratch. Would make it a real challenge in conserving your stealth efforts instead of just mindlessly being able to trial and error and restart.
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User Info: 1Y2i3m0d

4 years ago#8
Another cool idea I thought of is an Alert meter which determines how carefully your enemies are on guard and would notice something strange. If it's high they're really on guard and are harder to sneak past. If it's low then they're a lot less protective and easier to sneak past.
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