sniper challenge?

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User Info: gmoshier

3 years ago#1
Why isn't this available as DLC on the PSN?
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User Info: spike17spiegel

3 years ago#2
Good question, friend! It would only make sense to put it up.
"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please."

User Info: sourround2002

3 years ago#3
I got a code with my copy of the Hitman HD collection. I don't know if one comes in every collection or not. I got the Collector's edition if that helps.

User Info: vivalatour

3 years ago#4
after you play it a couple times it's really not much fun anymore as it was not all that much fun to begin with , I seen there are now a lot of people tied for top dog and you could be too after around 8-10 plays , but who really cares ? you're not missing much !

User Info: vivalatour

3 years ago#5
what I meant to say is " EVERYBODY " should have got the silly DLC for free !
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  3. sniper challenge?

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