360 controller vs keyboard/mouse

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User Info: DriftRS

7 years ago#1
Just wondering which seems to work better in the long run. There seems to be inbuilt mouse lag which is kind of annoying. Controller seems to work well, but unlike bionic commando or prototype, there doesn't seem to be an sort of lockon or auto aim, and spending time lining up shots in a game like this seems to kill the experience a bit...

So whats the opinions?

User Info: SubGum

7 years ago#2
Actually, this game almost suffers from OVER-lock-on. The combat is for sure better with a M/K, but driving/flying is WAY better with the 360 controller. I've been using the 360 controller, and it's been better overall for me.

And if you want to make a precision shot (head shot, or blow something up that's close to a guy) and you need to avoid the lock-on, you can press in the right thumb stick for a precision aim that ignores the lock-on completely.

User Info: SubGum

7 years ago#3
Shoot I mis-typed, sorry. Replace every instance of "lock-on" in my post with "auto aim." There is no lock-on, but a very heavy auto aim.
For clarification, sorry for the dp.

User Info: Lucian04

7 years ago#4
I suggest a gamepad myself.. Having a blast using the 360 gamepad.
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User Info: antknot

7 years ago#5
I use both, the controller for vehicles and M+KB for shooting, heck sometimes I use both at the same time!

User Info: DriftRS

7 years ago#6
haha maybe i should just keep my controller plugged in and switch :P I didn't notice any auto-aim... but then I just started playing and only played to the part where you first graple some explosive barrels and pull them over to kill a few guys.

Gotta go out for a bit, but will try some mor ewhen I get back! Thanks for the tips :)

User Info: DriftRS

7 years ago#7
ehh scratch that, just had a look at the keyboard/mouse config. The game only recognises 2 mouse buttons, so that kinda makes mouse/keyboard controls a tad useless, looks like I'll be getting used to the 360 pad :P

User Info: stethnorun

7 years ago#8
You can also use the middle mouse wheel click as a button.

User Info: Inker

7 years ago#9
I like the controller for all the vehicles a lot more, but the autoaim makes combat a breeze
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User Info: The_Count_Foo

7 years ago#10
i like them both but im using a 360 controller cause the mouse cross hair feels a bit floaty for my taste and im usually a diehard M/K user, regardless this game OWNS!!!!
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