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User Info: goatman48

7 years ago#1

I don't have the PC version, i have the Xbox 360 version which i've been playing for about 8 hours. I figure its pretty much the same game, but with worse graphics (like all other games).

even still, i've got a kick a$$ XPS PC... if they make a mod for the PC that gives infinite distance for you to grapple from, i'll buy it for PC. I mean, to aim at the snowy mountains from the middle of the desert and be there in 5 secods. How cool would that be?

User Info: FGMPR

7 years ago#2
If this game had an SKU and co-op it would be the game of the year...
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User Info: Delta_Force

7 years ago#3
be there in 5 seconds? id say it would get boring within 4 seconds. now shooting one side to the mountain and then shooting another person making him kinda fly towards the mountain. now that would rule!

User Info: kris17352

7 years ago#4
Imagine how annoying it would be if you were aiming for a building and managed to miss and hit the side of the mountain instead and flew wellllll past your intended point.

User Info: crysisanity

7 years ago#5
cuz you can't just press the grapple button again to cancel it.

oh wait
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User Info: HellFireXS

7 years ago#6
A mod like this would be awesome, the BOLOPatch person should do it. It would go great with the strong grapple and infinite lines.
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User Info: Cobra1010

7 years ago#7
All this grappling reminds me of the hookshot from Zelda games.
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