Has this game the largest map area of any game?

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  3. Has this game the largest map area of any game?

User Info: MarioBrons

7 years ago#1
I was wondering. I just saw someone playing this game and the world looked ****ing vast. What do you know guys?
Watch out kirby! (>^(>O_O)>

User Info: fire2box

7 years ago#2
I think it's one of the biggest map area's of any video game.. the only problem with it, there's not a lot to do.
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User Info: cody4783

7 years ago#3
It's a pretty long stretch from THE biggest. JC2's map is 386sqMi or 1000SqKM. For a direct contrast, FUEL's map (An open-world racing game) is over 5000sqMI or 14,000sqKM, IIRC. There's a couple RPGs with a bigger map than that (I forgot the name of it), and I think even Mercenaries 1/2 had a bigger map than Just Cause 2.

However, it IS up there for the larger game worlds, just not the biggest.
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User Info: treetop

7 years ago#4
mercenaries comes no where close.

but no, it's not the biggest game map.

daggerfall (es2) has like 62000 something sq miles.
this has like 400

User Info: DSmaster007

7 years ago#5
A little game called The Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall!

Its all fun and killing 'til you run out of ammo

User Info: giocare

7 years ago#6
Maybe not THE biggest but definitely one of the largest and most diverse with plenty of attention to detail when they made the world. Daggerfall might be huge but it's mostly worthless cloned towns.

User Info: Davel23

7 years ago#7
Your mom's box.

User Info: MarioBrons

7 years ago#8
DAMN, so the largest map is +150 TIMES THE JUST CAUSE 2 MAP!!! HOLY **** !!!
I must see that Elder Scrolls game
Watch out kirby! (>^(>O_O)>

User Info: Marley237

7 years ago#9

From: MarioBrons | #008
DAMN, so the largest map is +150 TIMES THE JUST CAUSE 2 MAP!!! HOLY **** !!!
I must see that Elder Scrolls game

A lot of that space is taken up by randomly generated textures/landscapes IIRC.

User Info: wanderz

7 years ago#10
depends on how you think about it..

technically there are games that comprise multiple worlds..

star wars galaxies has somewhere between 6 and 10 full worlds to explore, fight and build on... granted it's shared with other people.
but you can actually drive across each world in probably about 1 hour each.. not sure it's been years since i played and didn't really test it even then, just guessing.

on the other hand everquest has a HUGE planet, water areas, a moon, underground areas of both the main planet and the moon and alternate planes of existence, plus instanced missions of the past world. plus just the main continent on that world has several zones and would take you a couple hours to run across from one side to another, which would be like running straight across the middle of the U.S. you'd still miss a lot of the continent.

so technically the sq footage of everquest is a lot smaller, but the area would take a lot longer to travel.

i've heard that eve online is even larger..

RTS games also allow you to conquer a planet, or multiple planets.. even an entire solar system..
turn base strategy games like the greatest ever "stars!" you conquer a galaxy.

spore features a whole galaxy to play in, starting from a tidal pool and evolving up to space travel...

but as for similar games to this...
i'm actually curious how it'd compare to Prototype.. which is a fun game, but it could be bigger area (it's a single city) and more replay value would be nice.
i haven't tried just cause 2, but it's starting to look interesting.
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